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The stunning "Circle" story arc ratchets to a new level of intensity as Wonder Woman's acclaimed new creative team deliver never-before-revealed secrets of Diana's origin! Who tried to assassinate her on the night of her creation? Special Agent Diana Prince may not live to find out, as she faces a brutal Captain Nazi alone, unable to use her powers. And the re-forming army of the Society of Super Villains hunts her mother on Paradise Island!

You've never seen a Wonder Woman like this!

Four personal guards for Hippolyta have been chosen, and they are Myrtyo, Charis, Philomela and Alkyone. At a campfire, the newly chosen guards and swear that they will die before an enemy touches a lock of the queen’s hair. With that, they dip the sword into the fire and dance a ceremonial dance that no one can describe, but only see for themselves. At the city, Alkyone receives news of Hippolyta asking for another child. Alkyone replies in outrage, saying that it would destroy them. Alkyone doesn’t like the idea of this and asks someone to find out who has a child. The spy walks towards Alkyone and her team, and tells her that Gennes has a daughter. At first they are devastated that a baby is there, but Alkyone realises that it’s only a doll when she grabs it and it falls to the fall and breaks. Alkyone tells her team that this can’t spread and one asks what will become of Gennes. Alkyone orders them to kill her.

Back in America, Diana is held at her neck against a wall and between the pulling of her head to the pushing of her head against the wall, she says, “This is going to sting.” She goes through the wall but pulls Captain Nazi along with her and kicks him away. She makes her way back in the apartment and Captain Nazi makes his way back inside as well. Diana then throws a piece of that explosive on Captain Nazi’s face and presses the detonator, alerting the director, asking what that explosion was. Diana says it’s fine and Captain Nazi emerges from the rubble and sees the light reflecting off Wonder Woman’s bracelets and tiara. With her powers restored, beats down on Captain Nazi.

On Themyscira, the soldiers of Captain Nazi prepare their invasion and one captain orders for Themyscira to be completely destroyed. Hippolyta sees this in her magical mirror and it reminds her of the invasion of Hercules and what it had caused. “No. No more conquerors here,” she says and cuts a lock of her hair to prepare for battle.

Back in America, Captain Nazi wakes up in a world of total blackness, and Diana’s voice asks him if he recognises it. She tells him it’s his soul. She explains to him that she is in her lasso and that only the truth survives around here. She calms him, telling him what she knows, that his mother was a prostitute and his father was the one behind it, beating him, his brother and mother every day. Diana can’t help but feel sympathy even for him. With that, Captain Nazi tells her everything. He tells about the Shadow Society contact and the status on Themyscira, and their plan to exterminate the Amazons completely.

In less than half an hour, Diana’s back at her apartment, where Tom Tressor has suffered a mild concussion. Tolifhar is asking when they will go and get her mother, and Diana replies that she can’t ask them to get her mother for her, but before she can finish her answer, Tolifhar replies that that is entirely the point – that she doesn’t have to ask. Diana thanks Tolifhar for his help and says that she will not be sure if she can even get there. Tolifhar asks if it’s impossible, and Diana replies that it isn’t, and pulls out some golden sneakers with wings on them.

Back on Themyscira, a group of soldiers are discussing the island, the Red Point are explaining they’ve got some kind of strange artefact, something like a unicorn and dragon. Blue Point then asks if there’s any sign of the queen, and Blue Point replies with a negative. Hippolyta then ambushes the soldiers and easily puts them down one by one. Out of Blue Point’s radio is a, “Blue Point? Do you copy, Blue Point?” Hippolyta runs off and ambushes the next set of soldiers, where they’re discussing killing the animals. They hear a chain being broken with a sword and the leader of the group calls for formation when a green creature with many tentacles appears and finishes them off for Hippoyta. Outside, Hippolyta kneels down and prays for Athena, to give her wisdom on how to win this battle without anymore bloodshed and to grant her forgiveness for her enemies. Failing that, though… give her good aim. For tonight, a debt is paid in Amazon blood.

Cutting back to Wonder Woman, she calls for the other gods to help. She makes her way to Odin and asks for his help. She asks for help from Raijin, the Thunder God. She asks for help from the daughter of the Bast, but all of them refuse. She asks for help from Kane Moihai, God of the Sky and the Heavens. She pleads to him, saying that they will help him and his people if they are in need of help. He accepts her plead, and says that if she were ever to be her champion, she would have to wear her standard battle gear as a joke, which is basically a loin cloth. Before she leaves, he gives a shell, which will grow into a vessel and will take her anywhere she needs to go. The God asks her if she is ready, and she says “No,” as she needs to pick up something at home first.

On Themyscira, a soldier calls on the squad leader, as the team has found something. It is the prisoner from before and talks of her queen in a treason-like manner. The soldier tells her to be quiet or else he’ll shoot her, but she refuses, and adds that they can hunt down Hippolyta and slaughter her.


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This issue is in a bit of a different format than a regular issue as the story from the previous issue and the story to start off this issue lead to some confusion as to what there reference to the overall story arc is, but the writer here is doing such a good ob of holding it together that the reader has no choice but to trust whatever direction it is heading in. There are two part of the plots which I felt were done excellently - first Diana's confrontation with Captain Nazi and then her pleas...

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