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Diana is riding on her horse along the shores of Paradise Island when the skies become stormy, and a face forms. She flies towards the face that is formed and it is Superman. She stares in awe and Superman reaches out with his hand. He holds his hand and he pulls her in closer… Diana wakes up in her bed at the Kapatelis residence. Her dreams of Superman are becoming more and more vivid, as if they were keeping up with the events of the real world. Everywhere she went, she always saw Superman. Surely, she has the trait of wisdom from Athena, but she didn’t understand these new sensations. She wishes Julia was here so she could confide in her, but she is always visiting her family in Greece.

Elsewhere in Boston City, at the headquarters of Ogawa Electronics, the office is sparse. There is an unconsciousness guard on the floor and a shadowy figure in front of a computer screen. He finds information on Valerie Beaudry, using the access code “Silver Swan”. Down the hallway, the guard is looking for his colleague. The mysterious man prints out what he needs and the guard is approaching. He punches in the access code to enter the room and he slowly steps through the doorway. The stranger than puts a cloth over his mouth and he begins to climb out the window and down the building.

Across town in Myndi Mayer’s office her team surveys a billboard of Wonder Woman and Myndi nods her approval to Skeeter LaRue. Skeeter hardly acknowledges Deni’s and Steve’s input. Myndi and Skeeter move to the bar to celebrate such work of art. Deni cannot believe that Skeeter takes credit for all of Steve’s ideas. Steve agrees, as Myndi has not bothered listening to him since Skeeter joined him. Steve tells Deni not to worry about it, as it’s not worth worrying over.

In the Chinatown district, Maxine Sterenbuch, reading a note that her friend Valerie Beaudry sent her, asking her to meet here during the late hour of this night. Then, a car at high speed almost runs her over when she manages to just dive out of the way and it slams into the car booth. She runs down a nearby alley and she realises it’s a dead end, and the car is not far behind. Suddenly, a bullet hits the car’s front tire and the car flies out of control as it slams into the wall. The driver of the car steps out, and aims the weapon at her. Suddenly, a voice distracts him and he fires into the smoke and haze. But he is gunned down himself and the voice emerges from the building and the smoke. Maxine thanks the man, but soon, the man who saved her becomes her killer and everything goes black for her.

In Massachusetts in Julia’s summer home, Diana stands naked in the moonlight, praying to the gods. She asks the gods if this is a sign, or just an infatuation. She needs help deciding and asks if her mother’s feelings for Hercules are the same as her feelings for Superman and she asks for a sign. Just then, she hears a voice and Vanessa is behind her. Diana apologises for waking her up and Vanessa comments that she sure likes to pray a lot. She assumes that Diana is anxious about the charity event tomorrow, and Vanessa offers herself as moral support. Diana asks her if Vanessa will be bringing her boyfriend along and Vanessa says yes, saying that he is the best!

Somewhere else in Massachusetts Maxine Sterenbuch awakens with a hurting head. She then realises that she is cuffed to the bed frame. The man who shot her with a dart introduces himself as Solomon Buchman and apologises for the side effects of the dart. The man hands her an envelope, and inside is a picture of Maxine with the word “terminate” stamped over it. That man who tried to kill her didn’t appear by accident, he was hired to kill her! It is not just anyone who wants to kill her, it is her friend Valerie Beaudry, otherwise known as Silver Swan. She tells him that he is crazy and that her friend would never do such a thing. Maxine can’t accept that her friend would attempt to kill her, and she goes on to recount how she always wanted a pen pal at 15. She saw an ad in a teen magazine, and started talking to Valerie and they shared all the same interests. When Maxine turned 16, she sent a picture of Valerie, but Valerie never sent one back. Still, Maxine remained friends with Valerie. Valerie said that their friendship, their love was one of the best, but at 18, Maxine wanted more. She told Valerie to meet her in North Dakota, but Valerie never appeared and she finally learned that Valerie had closed her post box and moved, leaving no forward address. Valerie was a very private person, and Maxine thought that her selfishness has caused Valerie to be pushed away from her.

Maxine then moved to Boston where she worked at a boutique. Then a few months into her job, the phone rang, and it turned out to be Valerie. She and her boyfriend were in town. Maxine went to the provided address and there she was. Her hair was all silver and her skin so smooth. She was happy to see Valerie, but something was not right, and that was Valerie’s boyfriend, Henry Cobb Armbruster. He was not happy to see her and asked her to leave. Maxine left the house and he heard Henry abusing Valerie. They kept meeting in secret though something had changed in Valerie. Her confidence was lowered. Maxine suggested that she leave him, but she always avoided this subject and she always wished she was beautiful as Wonder Woman. Valerie was always getting new bruises and soon they Valerie had to leave and this is when Maxine got the letter.

Solomon tells her that the letter was sent to Maxine so she could not learn the truth. Then, he begins to show another photo, a deformed woman and Maxine asks who she is. Solomon replies that it is Valerie. He explains that this photo was taken five years ago when she was the subject of an experiment called “Silver Swan”. According to the records he stole earlier this evening, Valerie had developed the ability to use disruption abilities which Armbruster International intended to use. Solomon then puts in a video tape he had put together from the the explosion of HCA Labs' Alaskan Branch. Solomon watches as an old man appears on the screen, and Soloman says that that is his father. There are images of his father trying to escape the thing he created. His stalker floats through the lab, her feet never touching the floor, when she finally finds him. She screams as inaudible scream, because the soundtrack was ruined, but from the images, it is a destructive scream as his father is reduced to a puddle.

The sun rises over Boston and Henry is already awake speaking on the phone. He is informed that the hitman he hired is killed and that Maxine is still on the run. He instructs the caller to keep looking, and turns to one of his aides, Mr Choi. He tells Choi that Maxine must have had an accomplice and she knows about the Silver Swan. Choi looks at the poster with Wonder Woman surrounded by little children, smiling, and says that Maxine will not be able to reach their “secret weapon”. He then asks Valerie if she will be able to deal with Wonder Woman and Henry replies that she surely does have a hate for Wonder Woman.

At Hanscom Air Force base, Steve congratulates Etta on losing 35 pounds. Pleased, Etta replies she has 20 more pounds to go. He jokingly adds that she is turning into Wonder Woman. She looks at a leaflet on the table, and she looks at the cover where Wonder Woman is flying through the air and she has been hearing much about this fare. With Wonder Woman’s face and figure, how will Etta ever compete with her?

That afternoon, crowds of people go to the charity event. Steve is there and hopes that Wonder Woman still remembers him. He wonders what she wants to talk to him about after the show. She said it was something personal, and she wanted Etta to be there with him. Just then, Vanessa and her friends show up, Etta asks how her mother is doing. Vanessa replies that she is over in Greece. Vanessa then introduces Bobby, and he says that any friend of Diana is a friend of his. He also adds that Diana had told him how much he liked Steve and how much of a father he meant to her. The kids wave goodbye, and one of Vanessa’s friends tell her that Barry only has interest in Wonder Woman and not her. Vanessa spits back that she is only jealous that Barry likes Vanessa and not her.

On the podium, Skeeter tells Miss Cooney, who is the head of charity that this event is a success. Cooney appreciates such a gesture, but she is afraid that people are only here because of Wonder Woman, and not the fact that there are homeless children. He replies that this event is really about making money. Just then, a woman steps over and advises that Wonder Woman is ready. She turns to the microphone, happy to announce that they are here to welcome an extra special visitor and without further ado, she presents Wonder Woman! Among the crowd are Solomon and Maxine as Wonder Woman flies over the crowd. She cannot believe that even though she is a total stranger, they cheer for her. Just then, a low humming sound can be heard. Solomon whispers that the Silver Swan is here and Maxine asks how he knew she would be here. He replies that she mentioned Valerie was always jealous of Wonder Woman. Then, the crowd disperses as a sonic wave disperses the massive billboard. Wonder Woman looks on in shock as Silver Swan swoops down from above. She introduces herself and says that everyone must obey her, or feel the fury of the swan song. Solomon slowly removes his weapon and is ready to aim, just when he feels a gun against his temple.

Up above, Wonder Woman unhooks her lasso and moves towards the Silver Swan and Diana tells her that they can talk about this. Wonder Woman moves closer and Silver Swan unleashes her sonic waves. Wonder Woman puts her hands over her ears. She sees her sonic waves strike a nearby Ferris wheel and sends it over. As Wonder Woman turns around to see what is happening, her eyes widen in horror and Maxine’s eyes fill with tears as she cannot believe what is happening.


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 This issue is part of a two part arc which deals with the reintroduction of the Silver Swan.   The Silver Swan was a late silver age introduction to Wonder Woman’s enemies, but one which made a lasting impression.   The character despises Wonder Woman most of all for her beauty.   However, unlike other previous issues this was not as highlighted, rather others in Diana’s supporting cast (Vanessa and Etta) are seen having the same issues in reference to Diana’s beauty.   I thought this was a cle...

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