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Wonder Woman and friends stumble into Shamrock Land, where the Leprechauns prove equally troublesome.

While chasing the dangerous Gentleman Killer Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor, and Etta Candy find themselves in the strange and mystical Shamrock Land. When Etta Candy offends one of the local leprechauns she and Wonder Woman become the butt of the leprechauns magic. Meanwhile The Gentleman Killer brings crime to this innocent land.

The little people take up the task of reforming The Gentleman Killer but can their innocent magics really contend the the dangerous wiles of a violent criminal.


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 This issue involves the adventures of Diana, Steve and Etta in Shamrockland.   While searching through a forest for the Gentleman Killer (who is also a spy) Etta drops her candy down a hollow tree stump and then jumps down after it to find it.   Diana and Steve follow her to find an underground world with its own group of residents including three leprechauns.   The Gentleman Killer also finds his way down and tries to take over, first by seducing the princess and then later by using a magic da...

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