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An electrifying new era begins for the world's greatest superheroine! Gail Simone (BIRDS OF PREY, SECRET SIX) joins the phenomenal art team of Terry and Rachel Dodson for what promises to be one of the most exciting Wonder Woman stories ever told!

What exactly is The Circle, and what deadly secret do they hold about Diana's birth? What familiar face from Wonder Woman's past returns with a mission to spy on Special Agent Diana Prince? Why is the Department of Metahuman Affairs on a collision course with the wounded remnants of the Society of Super-Villains? You won't want to miss any of this story that spans the globe and shakes Diana to her core!

On Themyscira, a story of Diana’s birth is told. It was not all smiles and joy; it was an act of destruction but creation at the same time. There was darkness and thunder and there was also blood. But that woman who made demands of the Gods and lived now walks unworthy steps, as she has sent her sisters away… or nearly so. At the north part of the island, Hippolyta asks her sister if she repents. The commentary continues, saying that she has been a great leader. On the west side, she asks the same question, only to be answered with the same answer. The commentary says she has destroyed what the Amazons stand for, but between all this shame, there is tradition. On the east side, the same question is asked, answered the same answer. And beyond this tradition, there is duty. On the south side, Hippolyta asks the same question. As Hippolyta walks away, Alkyone calls for her. She explains that every year she does this and that she insults us by asking them. Hippolyta replies, saying that it is the law; however, it is a law a she created. Alkyone sticks her hand out and gives her a tiara, carved out of wood and engraved on it says, “Our queen.” She explains that she had to gnaw this with her teeth. Hippolyta says that Alkyone had killed and betrayed. She stops her and says that Hippolyta is the one that betrayed them all when she birthed the dragon. Alkyone begs of her to kill her daughter and make them a tribe again. Hippolyta says she can’t, as she is her daughter. The prisoner replies that she deserves to know the truth. Hippolyta says she can’t, though, because it would just break her heart. She breaks the carved tiara and runs off.

In Africa, Wonder Woman is asking some enhanced gorillas to explain to her who they are exactly. The gorilla continues to explain that they are the most extraordinary fighters on Earth, and to take back the land that belonged to them. The enhanced gorilla continues to explain that they were designed to kill Superman, if necessary. Wonder Woman comments on what she sees as a compliment: “You’re fighting me to see if you can defeat Superman? I’m honoured.” She comments on the gorillas. Even with the hyper-intelligent, youth of the gorillas, even they can be easily misled to hurt or to terrorise. She also wonders why she has a sudden urge for tropical fruit as well. They are too strong to wrestle and they have a natural gorilla’s agility and rage and skilled with their energy swords. However, their anger makes it Wonder Woman’s win. She finds their leader, and takes him head on. She holds the energy sword between her hands and jumps over him, wrapping her lasso around his neck and throwing him over the waterfall. Wonder Woman jumps down to see if he’s still breathing. Wonder Woman yells, “Yield!” and says that she wishes only to speak. The other gorillas hold her down and Wonder Woman tells them to stop, as she wishes only to talk with them.

The leader of the clan introduces himself as Tolifhar. Wonder Woman asks if Grodd had told them that they wanted the humans dead. Tolifhar replies that she shouldn’t mock him, as he has seen the poachers. Wonder Woman replies that like him, Grodd can create lies as well, and as an Amazon, she will put an end to these atrocities. She explains that you and your people were not meant to lead to this life. Tolifhar is not so convinced though, as the people will punish them for what they have done. Wonder Woman replies that she will speak to Solovar’s council on his behalf, after the “cooling period” as long as they don’t devour any more humans. Tolifhar is a taken a back by this but he swears he won’t, with a “Your Majesty” on the end. Wonder Woman understands these gorillas as she knows that they are a race of hierarchy… and that’s why she never prefers Batman’s methods. Tolifhar comments on her, saying that Grodd told us that she would be vengeful. Wonder Woman disagrees, as vengeance is not who she is. She then says that the Gods have banned her from Themyscira, but she still has a place for her to stay.

At Diana’s apartment, Tolifhar apologises for the flinging accident. Diana says it’s fine, as they are guests. She then hears her bell, and says that would be her ride. She opens the door ever so slightly and Tom Tressor is there. Tom then says that he’s never seen her apartment and rushes in and says “Oh my God,” but not because of the gorillas, but because it’s so empty. Diana comments, “Clever houseguests!” The gorillas come out after the both of them have left the house and comment on Diana and Tom’s relationship. One says, “They will mate soon if they haven’t already.” One agrees, “Their movement and scent confirm it, Rhanda.” However, one gorilla is too occupied with a drink, “All I can add is that this ice beverage is delicious.” Tom and Diana talk about ways people can be perceived and Tom says that she should be entitled today, as it’s her birthday. Diana commentary says that she had always wanted to learn their rituals, more than just an observer. She says that in her society, such kindness would be greeted with hugs and maybe even tears and says that such hugging is frowned upon. On the other hand, there is cake and that excuses much. Tom tells Diana to not be so surprised, as he checked her personal profile. Diana, surprised but not able to say anything mumbles something. Sarge Steel comes in and says, “Agent Prince. Front and centre, if you would.” He asks her where she got this information that she faxed her. Diana continues to explain what’s on the fax and Sarge Steel says that he knows about it, but where did she get it? Steel agrees with her assessment of this new threat and orders her and Tom to strike a cooperative strike with Canada. Diana pulls Tom out of the party and says, “We’ve got to save the world.”

Back at the office, Sarge Steel meets with Etta Candy, now known as Lt. Colonel. She goes on to explain how Diana has connections to the Amazons, the same Amazons that threatened to topple the government. Etta goes on to assess Sarge Steel, calling him a self medicating doctor and a bad liar. If he wanted someone to do dirty, she can do dirty. She comments on the woman, and says that if she has betrayed this country in any manner, she’ll regret the day she was born.

With Diana and Tom, they’re flying in an invisible stealth chopper, donated by an anonymous Gotham billionaire. Just above the building, they lower themselves onto the rooftop. Tom, with his macho-ego, says for Diana to stay behind him and will try to protect her if there are any hostiles inside. Diana replies, “You are most kind.” In front of the door of where they’re supposed to be, Tom destroys a small lock with some C4, something she could have done with her small toe. She also adds that her respect for actors has increased dramatically. They enter the kitchen to find that no one’s been here for weeks. Captain Nazi steps him with a “Not true.” Diana comments on Tom’s inability to stand up against this guy and Diana hits him with her own weapon but it fails as it breaks in half. Captain Nazi hits the both of them back into a wall, and then holds Diana up against a wall. Captain Nazi reveals his plan, that he wanted a country to remake, where their beliefs are no longer outlawed; a country too foolish to have even the mildest defences. On Themyscira, Captain Nazi’s army is on Themyscira. The captain declares, “I declare Themyscira as property of the Society. Search this island – kill all you find. Kill all you find!



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The Best Mother-Fackin' Wonder Woman Issue EVER! 0

OH. MY. GOOGLY. GOD. It’s time for Wonder Woman to shine again! And it’s about time too. After a not-so-good-selling-series with the beginning of her new volume, Gail Simone has been brought into the scene and is giving Wonder Woman much love. The love that Wonder Woman deserved from the very beginning, seeing as Wonder Woman is one of the big three. Now I have to begin. There’s so much good stuff happening in this issue.Gail Simone as the writer – reading this, I could see so many things happen...

4 out of 4 found this review helpful.

Primatist 0

This is the first issue of the much beloved Gail Simone run and she doesn't take any time to get the action started.  Diana faces off against an assassination squad from Gorilla City and after some fighting she not only befriends them but invited them to stay with her until their actions are more forgotten so that they can return home.  This was an excellent sequence but it was highlighted by showing the gorillas in Diana's apartment and especially when tom barged in.  The rest of the issue sets...

4 out of 5 found this review helpful.

several different stories 0

The book opens up with a very intriguing story about Hippolyta. She's virtually all alone in her world save for a few that she has imprisoned. Her annual visits to them involve only asking a single question, "Do you repent?" to which all four of the captives refuse. Only one of the captives is identified but we aren't told about the rest of them nor the narrator of that section of the book. All the reader is told is that blood was shed by the sword of Hippolyta and now she has some of her own pe...

2 out of 2 found this review helpful.
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