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War! Huh!

Man, I would read this series just for Ares. Everything about him, from the fact he's obviously based in some part on Brian Azzarello, to his just entertaining as all hell interactions with the rest of Zeus' children, just puts a smile on my face.

Besides the moments where War clearly steals the show, Wonder Woman 14 is still another great installment to a great series. Big things are brewing, and seeing the build up between the imminent conflict with the firstborn, the meeting of the gods, the arrival of Orion and the ever present mystery of Hermes is gripping. At the same time, with all these threats preparing for the next move, Wonder Woman herself never gets the shaft. Everything is balanced perfectly, and the payoff is sure to be worth it.

This issue also serves to further expand on the horror of Hera's crimes, and, more importantly, showcase Wonder Woman not as a warrior, which was done in the previous arc, but also as a kind, compassionate human being. One of the main complaints from the start was how Diana never felt like much of the character she was meant to be, so Azzarello takes the time to prove she's the same amazon we know and love. Sure, it feels a bit heavy handed at times, but it's hard to begrudge such an otherwise fantastic book.

Tony Akins continues to fill in, and I have to say with the level of quality he's showing off here, it's hard to miss Cliff Chiang. Sure, Chiang is better suited to the book, but everything on the visual side of things works pretty well.

Wonder Woman is good, plain and simple. If I could change one thing, though, I would add some more War to keep me grinning from ear to ear.


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Posted By jrock85

Great review.

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