Wonder Woman #11

    Wonder Woman » Wonder Woman #11 - Fire and Torment released by DC Comics on December 1987.

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    On Mount Olympus, the gods look on as Princess Diana as she fights the Hydra. Zeus does not believe that she will succeed and Pan agrees. Once again, he is told to quiet down by his father Hermes and Hera, who says that he must have faith in her. Aphrodite is upset that her use of love and beauty put into Diana is now wasted but Athena tells her that beauty of the soul can be a great weapon if not corrupted. Dionysus also adds that he will gain his support if she succeeds in these challenges.

    Elsewhere, Artemis tells Apollo that she fears for Diana and is enraged that Zeus will agree to Pan’s vile suggestions and defile the Amazons.

    Down below, Wonder Woman is battling the Hydra and uses her shield to block its fiery breath. She knows the legend of the Hydra, that cutting off its heads will be no use – it’ll just grow them back! Although Hermes’ trait of granting her speed has worked so far for her, she knows that it’ll be only a matter of time before she becomes incinerated. Finally, the Hydra manages to hit Wonder Woman and she falls backwards, plummeting downwards. Luckily, it is only volcanic ash. She gets up and realises that she must rethink her strategy if she is to win. She can see a portal which is perhaps the path to her next challenge and she has to distract the beast long enough so she can get through. She notices that there are massive columns supporting the cavern and at full speed, she smashes the column with the axe she was provided with. The cavern starts falling apart and the Hydra is stunned for a moment and is pinned by the debris. Wonder Woman unhooks her lasso and ties its heads together. She then ties the end of the lasso onto a rocky outcrop. With its underbelly exposed, she shoots three arrows from her bow and hits its heart directly. It is consumed by the surrounded flames and Wonder Woman rushes to get her lasso. She struggles to untie her lasso as the Hydra turns violently, sending Wonder Woman through the air and onto the cavern floor, shattering her armour. She lies there; maybe unconscious as the god Morpheus looks on and tells Eros that the Amazon Princess should sleep for a while to heal her wounds. But sleep is only temporary, but too much can kill her. He challenges her to free herself from the temptation of Morpheus’ “bliss”.

    Meanwhile in Oklahoma, Steve and Etta arrive on a commercial jet liner and are greeted by Steve’s cousin Doug Aanonson who informs Steve of his father’s death. Steve is glad Etta had accompanied him because he feels very alone right now.

    On Paradise Island, Hippolyta wanders through the palace. She has spent her whole life putting her faith in the gods, and now she fears that her blind faith may be more than she can bear. She wonders why they bless her with a daughter if she continually took them away. There has been a rumour that Heracles was under a mad spell when he ravished Hippolyta and her sisters and maybe this was controlling Zeus? She then feels something cold in her heart and turns to see a vulture. There are no vultures on Paradise Island. The vulture stares straight through her and touches Hippolyta’s mind and soul and her prayers become clear. She removes her crown and it is time for her to surrender to the mother in her. Some minutes later, a guard calls for Menalippe as she fears the queen has gone mad. From what she is wearing, Menalippe knows that that is Hippolyta. She calls Philippus and her soldiers before the queen does something stupid.

    Outside the Cavern of Doom, evil can be seen escaping from the broken seal where Wonder Woman is trying to escape. She desperately wants to sleep but she knows that she has to continue her challenge. She stands up to her and feet and makes her way to the next challenge as the Hydra is dead now. But there are two portals and all her weapons and armour was destroyed in the battle with the Hydra and only has her lasso left. She has no choice but to try each tunnel and prays her lasso will help her. She tries to concentrate though sounds of wailing start, filling her ears. She uses to her hands to cover her ears and cannot stop it as her fear induces it. The portal suddenly is filled with her fallen Amazon sisters crying out. They beg her to save them and reach out for Diana. She cannot tell if this is real or not, but she cannot stand by and watch this. She must help! She prays for help from Athena and then a vision of Julia Kapatelis appears trapped in a giant web. As Wonder Woman reaches out to help her, Julia Kapatelis turns into Echidna, a She-Serpent. She wraps herself around the surprised Wonder Woman and raises her axe, preparing to attack.

    Outside Doom’s Doorway, Hippolyta arrives as the vulture sits on a tree branch and watches. Just then, Philippus tackles her, pleading with her not to go in there. Hippolyta responds by saying that she must go in there. She cannot explain why, but she knows her daughter needs her. Just as Philippus is about to attack Hippolyta, the vulture swoops down and attacks her. Hippolyta then attacks Philippus as well, but she manages to throw her over her shoulder. Philippus asks if this is all worth it, and Hippolyta replies that a mother must do what a mother must do and Philippus hurls her into a nearby tree. As she chargers her, Hippolyta hits her with a kick. Both of them are warriors, and this can only end in two ways – victory… or death. The vulture watches on and Hippolyta knows that she must leave her opponent unconscious before she can move on, and with that, she slams her fist into Philippus’ face with tears in her eyes. Hippolyta then puts Philippus on her horse and bid farewell to her, and whispers that when she remembers Hippolyta, she will remember her as a good queen. With that, she sends the horse and Philippus back to Themyscira. Hippolyta then picks up her helmet and is watched by the vulture and Pan. He curses the queen, afraid that his truth may be revealed.

    Inside the Cavern of Doom, Wonder Woman struggles as she dodges the serpent’s strikes while trying to keep its tail away with its poisonous sting. As the creature strikes with her axe, she blocks it with her bracelets, shattering the axe. Wonder Woman then grabs the serpent’s tail and swings her around before slamming her into the wall. A swarm of demons distract her as she sees the next portal. But could this be the next true portal or just another trap? She is then grabbed by the serpent, telling her that the portal is not for her. Wonder Woman, thinking that that reason is good enough for her to go through, punches the serpent and sends her sailing. The Amazons flies through the portal and is now in a stormy sky where she just misses a plane that flies by her. She then realises that this is Steve Trevor’s plane and this was the day in which she rescued him. She then hears a voice that says "Boreas greets thee as my obedient winds sweep away the great mystery that impedes thy quest for fulfilment!" She the loses control and plunges into the ocean, but she can still breathe and makes her way to the ocean floor and sees a plane wreck. Could it be Steve’s jet? Next, Poseidon appears and says that she must have faith. A light surrounds her and she walks over to the plane wreckage. Is this the gods’ way of telling her that she has a special connection with Steve? As she moves closer to the plane, she realises that this is an older model. Suddenly, a woman’s voice calls to her and there stands a rocky figure and that she has been waiting a long time for Diana’s arrival. The light is blinding Diana from seeing who it is, but then it slowly fades and she is a blonde woman with Amazon armour and looks down upon her and tells her that she is warrior in which Diana was named after. If she likes, the Amazon Princess can call her… Diana!


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