Wonder Woman #104

    Wonder Woman » Wonder Woman #104 - Second Genesis, Part 4 released by DC Comics on December 1, 1995.

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    In the aftermath of their war with Darkseid, the Amazons of Themyscira mourn their dead…and Diana is faced with the decision of taking up the throne of Paradise Island abdicated by her missing mother, Hippolyta.

    In the previous issue, Wonder Woman and Mike Schorr had returned to , only to find that Darkseid had brought his shocktroopers and started a war. The climax had been brutal, with Darkseid summoning his aerial forces and reducing the island almost to rubble. Now the war is over. Fallen Amazons and Shocktroopers lie over the battlefield. Darkseid tells Wonder Woman that she has won the battle, because he has failed to find out the location of the New Gods. Wonder Woman tells Darkseid that there is no true victory to be gained from a war with such a great number of casualties. Darkseid gestures again and his shocktroopers stand up. He opens a boom tube and tells Wonder Woman that he will be back. Diana tries to catch him but the Boom tube closes before she can. Diana is almost in tears and Mike tries to console her.

    Two days later, when they are attending to the funeral of the fallen Amazons, Diana’s sisters tell her that Mike should remove himself to a remote place from where he cannot see the holy funeral. But Diana objects to the idea and Mike stays. The incineration takes place.

    Elsewhere, Morgaine Le Fay and professor Warly continue their search for Wonder Woman. Warly says that he has found the whereabouts of Jason Blood, another immortal. Le Fay is almost on the point of death, but still she battles to her last breath.

    The next day when Diana is clearing the rubble, she is informed that her mother, Queen Hippolyta has left the island for a voyage into the unknown. Diana is dumbstruck and comes rushing to Philippus. Philippus asks her whether she has returned to claim the throne. When Diana is even more surprised, Philippus tells her that the throne is her right as she is an Amazonian Princess. Mike and the other Amazons press her to become the Queen. But Diana remains unmoved. She says that she has journeyed forward to share a normal life with human beings, and she will always be Wonder Woman. She requests Philippus to rule in her stead.

    That evening, Mike and Diana leave . Mike asks Diana if she really knows Superman.



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    After last issue's non action packed invasion of Paradise Island by Darkseid, the remaining Amazons now have to pick up the pieces.  Diana who thought herself freed from her ties here (at least for a while) is forced to visit those she did not intend to, but her mother lies missing.  This was a poorly detailed plot device.  It is said in this issue that there are only 1200 Amazons left, and Diana and Hippolyta are fairly important ones who might want to talk to one another.  As are Diana and Phi...

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