Wonder Woman #103

    Wonder Woman » Wonder Woman #103 - Second Genesis, Part 3 released by DC Comics on November 1, 1995.

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    Darkseid turns Themyscira into a raging battleground in his quest to discover the fate of the Greek gods as Wonder Woman and her Amazon sisters fight the lord of Apokolips's deadly shock troops to preserve their home and their lives!

    After seeing that Darkseid has targeted Diana’s home, a.k.a. Themyscira, she and officer Schorr are transported to via a portal generetad by Metron. Upon arriving, they see that is a paradise no longer, but is in flaming ruins. They do not get rest, because Darkseid orders his troopers to attack them. Wonder Woman, already angry, unleashes her fury upon the ill-fated troopers. She attacks without mercy, for they have destroyed her home.

    Meanwhile, officer Mike Schorr spots a trooper attempting to attack Wonder Woman from the rear. He propels himself into the trooper and they both fall in front of the dreaded Darkseid. Darkseid grabs hold of Mike and orders Diana to halt her attack upon his troopers. Diana tells him that he will gain nothing by killing Mike.

    Elsewhere, in an old castle, Morgaine Le Fay is lying on her bed and listening to reports of Wonder Woman from her assistant, Professor Warly. She tells him that the time has come for her to claim immortality, and once again casts herself into the rejuvenating flames.

    Suddenly and quite unexpectedly, a spear finds its way into Darkseid’s back. He sees that the other warriors of Themyscira, the Amazons and the sisters of Wonder Woman have returned to the battlefield. Darkseid is furious at their audacity. He gestures, and countless gunships appear high above their heads. Darkseid asks Diana the location of the other Gods for the final time. Diana replies that all present there are oblivious to the answer. Darkseid remarks, “ I AM A GOD, AND I SHALL HAVE YOUR RESPECT IN THE FINAL MOMENTS BEFORE I HAVE YOUR SOULS”. He gestures again, and the gunships rain fire on the . Within seconds, the whole place is reduced to mere rubble. Once which was a beautiful , is now occupied by fallen Amazons.



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    Diana and her Mike are returned to Earth, albeit to Paradise Island where they must face the continued threat of Darkseid and his armies.  This issue is designed sort of as an action issue, as there is not much plot development, but there is not much action which happens either.  There is a lot of boasting by both sides but in the end it is left on a bit of a cliffhanger with not much of anything really happening.  Another John Byrne favourite also briefly shows up to signal she will be a threat...

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