Wonder Woman #102

    Wonder Woman » Wonder Woman #102 - Second Genesis, Part 2 released by DC Comics on October 1, 1995.

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    Wonder Woman and her Gateway City police companion take an unplanned journey from Earth to Apokolips, where an encounter with Metron leads to startling revelations about the history of Themyscira…and Diana's return home to Paradise Island to save her Amazon sisters from the wrath of Darkseid.

    The story opens up with Wonder Woman being tortured to provide information to Darkseid. She says that Darkseid is wasting his time. A confusion takes place and Diana grabs the first chance to set herself free. She attacks Darkseid’s troopers and tells Darkseid that he shall not find what he seeks. Darkseid laughs sarcastically and escapes into a well defended underground. Wonder Woman frees Mike Schorr, telling him that she does not like Darkseid’s way of laughing. Her suspicions are confirmed soon, when she finds that they are on Apokolips, Darkseid’s home world. Wonder Woman faints and is oblivious of being carried. When she comes around, she finds herself facing Metron, a God of New Genesis. Metron tells her that Darkseid wants to find out the location of the other Gods to seize their power. Wonder Woman seems unconvinced, but is disillusioned and horrified, when Metron shows her a glimpse of her home, has been destroyed by Darkseid, and lies in flaming ruins.


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    Some writers can't let ideas out of their heads and here is one which John Byrne could let go.  Way back when, John Byrne wrote Action Comics #600 in which Wonder Woman and Superman fought in Mount Olympus in a plan enacted by Darkseid.  This resulted in the eventual destruction of the home of the gods.  Darkseid wants to finish what he started and so is torturing Diana for the information on where the gods are.  But Diana won't give in to him or DeSaad.  When he releases her so that he can tort...

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