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    Character » Wonder Woman 1000000 appears in 34 issues.

    Carved in living marble, she protects Venus and the System as member of the JLA from the 853rd century.

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    Carved in living marble and infused witht the spirit of the Goddess of Truth (Diana, ascended to Godhood), the Wonder Woman of the 853rd century is the protector of Venus, planet than was terraformed into a paradise planet and colonized exclusively by females, becoming the home of the amazons.

    She is also a member of the JLA from the 853rd century and traveled with them to the distant past to bring back the heroes of the present JLA to receive Superman Prime back from their retire of Solitude in the sun. When Solaris attacked both timeframes, Wonder woman was stranded in the past. She and her teammates had to breach the moon Watchtower and she engaged into a Battle with Barde. She resisted the New God attacks, which pleased her rival.

    Eventually she returned to the future as portector of Venus.

    She also had a sidekick, Troy, similary carved in marble, but being a younger version of the Goddess of Truth.


    Lasso of truth

    The original lasso, still in existence in

    Harmony and Charity

    Wonder woman bracelets, posses intelligence and are programed with battle strategies.

    Invisible spacecraft

    Wonder Woman carries a invisible spacecraft to travel through the system in the morphed shape of a shield. In this shape, the shield is highly resilent.


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