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    Wonder Woman » Wonder Woman #1 - The Princess and the Power! released by DC Comics on February 1987.

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    The first panel in this issue is during 30000 BC where a caveman does not consider himself a man, owing to the fact that he has lost his hand to a sabertooth tiger. He enters a cave and finds a woman in there. He hides in the shadow so the woman cannot see him. The woman approaches offering solicitude, but the man misinterprets her actions as pity, and for that he kills her. Her soul is then pulled away.

    Now, 1200 BC, on Mount Olympus, the gods are arguing. Artemis wishes to create a new mortal race, but Ares says that if that happens, he is to take lead. Artemis does not want that to happen as she fears the mortals will fear the gods rather than look up to them. Athena backs Artemis, saying that Ares will eventually destroy them all. The debate then moves on to the sex of the new race. Zeus is angry, saying that it doesn't matter if the race is created or not, as it should be left with the gods who are involved to settle it themselves. Artemis then asks Hera to intervene for her against Zeus, but she doesn't want to as Zeus is still angry. Ares also leaves angry, stating that all gods, even Zeus shall be under his thumb. The gods and goddesses involved proceed with the plan, along with Zeus' blessings. Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Aphrodite and Hestia travel to Hell, where Hades lives, to the Cavern of Souls. This was the place where Gaea had gathered souls of tortured women. The goddesses casted a spell which transported the souls to Greece where they are used on Amazons. The first one is Hippolyta and then Antiope and grants them the gifts of the goddesses. Hippolyta is made queen as the both of them are given the Girdles of Gaea. However, one soul remains, and that one is yet to be used.

    The Amazons are successful at first, but because of that, Greek kings become jealous and the Amazons then become outcasts. Heracles and Thesus with his men approach Themyscira. Menalippe has foreseen this day and dreads it. Heracles and and Hippolyta fight each other, and Hippolyta defeats him. Heracles then considers them allies. Overtime, the Amazons gain their good reputation back. Heracles and his men with the Amazons are fine with each other, becoming good friends, but Menalippe has a strange feeling about this. Hippolyta is drugged by Heracles and wakes to find herself chained. He takes her girdle and leaves.

    Hippolyta prays, hoping that the gods will forgive her for failing them. Athena frees them, hoping that they will redeem themselves as they fight the rest of the men on the island. Antiope however is angry and wishes to take revenge on Heracles. Hippolyta tells her that if she did this, she would not be a true Amazon as they would never do this. Antiope parted with some of the Amazons and set out to find Heracles. Poseidon parts a path, and for three months, the Amazons walk to their new destination, hoping to rebuild Themyscira in a new location. Upon arriving, they build their new city. After 30 centuries, Hippolyta wishes to have a child and the gods order her to make a baby out of clay. With the final soul, they imbue the clay baby with it, and with it, the child has great abilities. She is named Diana and she is deemed one of the greatest warriors. The gods cry out that Ares has gone made and is planning to take over and that someone must face him alone. Diana wishes to take part, but her mother does not allow her too. Come to the tournament in which a winner will be chosen to face Ares, they were to wear masks to bring their full potential out, in case their were any close friends competing. Diana competes and wins and is awarded these silver bracelets. Diana explains that Athena asked her to do this, and Menalippe tells Hippolyta that the gods had her to do this, and that she shouldn't question it, as it was for the greater good.

    Diana needs to pass one last test however. In the temple of Hades, Philippus aims a gun at her and fires three times, but Diana blocks the bullets with her revolver. She asks her mother where such bracelets came from, but her mother would rather not answer, as now was not the best time. She is also fitted with a new costume, after Diana Trevor, who she was named after.


    • 32 pages and no ads.
    • "The Wonder of it All" front inside cover contains a one page text piece by George Perez.
    • Back inside cover contains a black and white preview of the cover to issue #2.

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    Landmark issue 0

     In my opinion there is no single issue in the entire run of all Wonder Woman comics which defines the character as does this issue.   Left behind are the recycled plot devices of the golden years – the invisible plane, the undying love for Steve Trevor – and introduced are some motivations for Diana’s path which have never been present before.   I think the explanation that the Amazons were born from the souls of women that had perished at the hands of men is a beautiful concept.   Young Diana ...

    7 out of 8 found this review helpful.

    WOW! 0

    My first exposure to Wonder Woman was a few issues from volume 1, and let me begin by saying what a radical improvement. The previous volume had no story backing the inception of the Amazon's or Diana herself, it simply jumped right into Trevor crashing near Paradise Island. In this issue of volume two it begins with a caveman, who eventually finds a woman who attempts to provide comfort, but becomes angered by this and beats her to death. This would be the first woman to be killed by man's crue...

    3 out of 4 found this review helpful.
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