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The issue opens with Wonder Woman arguing with her Mother about the idea of having a new contest. Princess Diana is not happy with the idea of this and does not understand why they would want to find someone to replace her. Hippolyta then goes on to explain how Wonder Woman has left her home to be on Earth and that Earth has changed her values and everything she has learned in Themyscria. Diana Strongly disagrees with her mother and says that Earth is a Dangerous place and she is just doing what she feels is best to take care of the people. But Hippolyta makes it very clear that the contest is on and if she does not want to participate in it she can forfeit he costume and office.

After talking to her mother, Princess Diana goes to change into normal clothes because she does not feel that she is fitted to wear the uniform right now. They then walk through the city discussing the last contest and how everyone competed but only one was not able to, Wonder Woman (and whoever was to win would become mortal). The issue Then goes on to explain the story of Wonder Woman in brief and how she was the only child born to Themyscira and was given to her mother by the gods, to fill the void left in her heart by the loss of her sister, Antiope. But that Princess Diana did find a way to compete by using the Mask of Proteus so she can compete. And then later wins. After Mala and Princess Diana finish discussing all of this they run into Artemis, who is upset because her tribe has been informed they are not allowed to compete in the competition.

Princess Diana follows Artemis so she can truly understand what happen and why they are no longer one tribe. As she follows her into her village Artemis introduces her tribe has the last of the true Amazonians. Once in the Village, Artemis' presence is requested by an old woman but the name of Mala who is missing an eye do to a demon. The only women wanted to see Artemis because she had heard word of her having a visitor with her. When the old one recognizes who she is. She says she never believed the legend until now.

Princess Diana is not aware of what is going on but the old woman leads her and Artemis into a room where there is a bust of Princess Diana. Wonder Woman is shocked when she sees this and does not know how to take it. She then goes to touch the bust of herself and is sent to another dimension where is has become Antiope.

The next scene is Antiope/Wonder Woman and Hippolyta talking about how she is going to marry Herakles. Antiope thinks this is a horrid idea because mean are not suppose to be on the island. Hippolyta ignores the thoughts of her sister and marries him anyway--all the other women are married to one of his men. In the evening Antiope becomes aware of the Herakles's plan to enslave all the women, but she is too late. Herakles has already tired up her sister. He tricks Antiope by using the Mask of Proteus. Herakles and Antiope then fight until she is knocked out. At that point Wonder Woman reappears in the room with the old woman and Artemis unconscious and badly beaten.


  • As for story chronology, this issue actually takes place between issues #90 and #91 and is part two of the five part story arc "The Contest". If this issue was numbered accordingly, it would be issue Wonder Woman #90 & 1/2.

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