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    Simon Williams was made into a being of pure ionic energy by Baron Zemo, becoming the impossibly powerful Wonder Man. Meant to aid the Masters of Evil in their campaign against the Avengers, Wonder Man found himself sympathizing with the heroes and joined their team instead. He has remained an Avengers mainstay ever since, despite his constant insecurities and battles with his own mortality.

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    Simon Williams was the son of industrialist Sanford Williams, who founded Williams Innovations (a highly successful munit

    More recently, however, Wonder Man fell into disuse due to Avengers' writer Brian Michael Bendis' dislike for the character. He was initially intended to be exposed as a Skrull imposter since his very first revival, during Secret Invasion, but Bendis admits he forgot to reveal this. Instead, Bendis settled to start depicting Wonder Man as a villain who opposed the Avengers' attempts to police the world. This new direction saw him joining teams such as the Lethal Legion and leading the Revengers in an attack on Avengers Mansion. Despite the shaky characterization, he has since returned to heroic pursuits and is a current member of the Avengers Unity Squad, with little attention paid to his brief time as an antagonist.

    Over the years, Wonder Man has been involved with many of the Avengers' most cherished story arcs and has had a few notable character arcs of his own. Beginning with his redemption and resurrection, Wonder Man spent a lot of his time battling his fear of dying again and self-doubt. He also explored the relationship with his brother Eric Williams, and his other "brother" the Vision.

    Wonder Man's various costumes over the years.
    Wonder Man's various costumes over the years.

    Later, Wonder Man pursued an on-again/off-again career as an actor to varying degrees of success, which he still is seen occasionally pursuing to this day. Perhaps the most notable ongoing story for Wonder Man was the character's unrequited love for Scarlet Witch and the "love triangle" developed between him, Vision, and Scarlet Witch. While his feelings for Scarlet Witch still tend to factor in his current stories, Wonder Man has also had serious relationships with Amora the Enchantress and Alex Flores. More recently, a relationship between Wonder Man and Ms. Marvel was toyed with, but ultimately abandoned.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Coming of Wonder Man

    Training alongside Zemo, the Enchantress and the Executioner, Wonder Man honed his powers and strength and, in the process, found himself the object of the Enchantress' affections which made the Executioner jealous and resentful of Wonder Man.

    The Masters of Evil then lured the Avengers into a battle in New York where Wonder Man arrived and appeared to help the team battle the villains. Claiming a desire to join the Avengers, Wonder Man was welcomed onto the team but Captain America remained suspicious, leading Wonder Man having to confide in them about aspects of his origin. Telling the team of how Baron Zemo performed experiments on him that will kill him within a week, the Avengers began looking for a cure to help their new member.

    Wonder Man dies after saving the Avengers.
    Wonder Man dies after saving the Avengers.

    Seeing the Avengers willing to offer him help out of the kindness of their hearts, Wonder Man began to regret having to ultimately betray them so that he could continue to live. Receiving a signal from Zemo, Wonder Man kidnapped the Wasp and delivered her to the Masters of Evil to use as bait to draw the rest of the team to them. When the Avengers arrived to save Wasp, they discovered Wonder Man's true allegiance when he quickly subdued Thor. With Wonder Man on their side, the Masters of Evil overpowered the rest of the Avengers as Wonder Man discovered Zemo intended to murder the Avengers rather than simply serving them a humiliating defeat. Realizing his mistake, Wonder Man turned on the Masters of Evil, freed the captive Avengers and sided with them in a battle against the villains. As the Masters of Evil fled, Wonder Man collapsed to the floor apparently dying from his terminal condition. The Avengers gathered around as Wonder Man died shortly afterwards, having made a noble sacrifice for the team.

    The Mind War

    Grim Reaper vs. Vision
    Grim Reaper vs. Vision

    While running tests on Wonder Man's body, Hank Pym opted to record Wonder Man's brain patterns in the hope that they could potentially restore him one day. Meanwhile, Eric Williams blamed the Avengers for the death of his brother and became the costumed villain the Grim Reaper, who sought revenge on the heroes. Allying with the Avengers' nemesis Ultron, the Grim Reaper and Ultron attacked the Avengers and in the process stole the recordings of Wonder Man's brain patterns.

    Using it to form the artificial mind of the Vision, Ultron had hoped his robotic son would follow in his father's footsteps and help him destroy both the Avengers and mankind. However, Wonder Man's brain patterns appeared too dominant and Vision instead rebelled against his father and joined the Avengers. Grim Reaper continued his vendetta against the Avengers, however, and found himself unable to face the Vision whom he believed was his brother.

    Stealing the corpse of Wonder Man, the Grim Reaper offered Vision the chance to transfer his mind into his "true body" on the condition that together they destroy the Avengers. The Vision refused, having become his own man, and not wishing to betray his friends and teammates. Grim Reaper's frustration in his "brother" led to him allying with HYDRA and the Space Phantom to capture Captain America. Grim Reaper again offered Vision the chance to transfer his mind into a human body, this time even offering the body of Captain America, but Vision again refused and helped the Avengers defeat Grim Reaper and the villains. Despite the two saving each other's lives, Grim Reaper began to resent Vision and no longer saw him as his resurrected brother.

    The Celestial Madonna Saga

    The real Wonder Man was briefly revived in order to serve Kang and Immortus in the Legion of the Unliving. Sent alongside the Legion to destroy the Avengers, Wonder Man was initially willing to battle the team - believing that he would be allowed to remain alive if he succeeded - but ultimately switched sides and allied with the team. Wonder Man was soon returned to the afterlife by Immortus.

    Nightmare in New Orleans

    Wonder Man's Resurrection.
    Wonder Man's Resurrection.

    Grim Reaper, still wishing to destroy the Avengers, took his brother's body to Black Talon and paid him to use his voodoo magic to revive Wonder Man. With Wonder Man brought back to life, the Grim Reaper was hoping his resurrected brother would follow his orders and slay the Avengers for him. Instead, a delirious Wonder Man approached the Avengers as they announced a new line-up to the public. The team was confronted by the incoherent and almost mindless Wonder Man who accused the Vision of having stolen his mind, before ultimately collapsing in front of the team.

    The Avengers eventually tracked Black Talon down to New Orleans from Wonder Man's mumbled utterances, and defeated him and his cult. With the voodoo practitioner and his cult no longer a threat, The Avengers were left with one of their earliest members returned to life and barely able to understand being alive again.

    No Final Victory

    Amidst a barrage of tests to uncover the nature of his return, the newly-resurrected Wonder Man managed to slip away from Avengers Mansion and began wandering the streets of New York. Confused and uneasy with his resurrection, Wonder Man fell under the thrall of the Living Laser who at the time was wearing the Serpent Crown.

    Using the crown to try and conquer the USA, the Living Laser didn’t realize that in taking over Wonder Man’s mind he had inadvertently fully awakened his consciousness. Commanding him to destroy the Avengers, Wonder Man battled against Beast who knocked him out. Upon reawakening, Wonder Man was in control of himself again and no longer confused. Wonder Man joined forces with the Avengers in helping them defeat the Living Laser and reclaim the Serpent Crown from the villain.

    The Private War of Doctor Doom

    The Avengers remained concerned about Wonder Man's mental health and reliability and pondered the nature of his return to life. Feeling unwelcome at Avengers Mansion, Wonder Man leaves to accompany the injured Avenger Whizzer to the hospital instead. The rest of the Avengers are attacked at their mansion by Attuma, who captures all of them except for Beast who manages to escape.

    While the captive Avengers are forced to fight Doctor Doom on behalf of Attuma, Beast arrives at the hospital and tells Whizzer and Wonder Man that they are the only Avengers left. With the task of saving the day falling to them, Wonder Man cements his standing with the Avengers by going into action to save the captives from Attuma even though they had spurned him as a friend and teammate earlier.

    Tracking down Attuma's base, the three Avengers are attacked by the Sub-Mariner who Attuma has tricked into believing are his enemies. After Sub-Mariner recognizes Whizzer as his friend from World War II, he allies with the Avengers to locate Attuma's base, although only after Wonder Man briefly knocked out Namor. Together, they defeat Attuma and Doctor Doom and free the other Avengers.

    Bride of Ultron

    The Trial of Simon Williams.
    The Trial of Simon Williams.

    When Ultron sought to kidnap Hank Pym to force him to make himself a wife, he needed to distract the other Avengers and to this end he saw fit to help Grim Reaper infiltrate Avengers Mansion. The Grim Reaper then overpowered and captured most of the Avengers present in their mansion. With the Avengers captive, Grim Reaper then staged a “mock trial” to determine whether Vision or Wonder Man was his true brother. After both the Vision and Wonder Man recount their origins, Grim Reaper decides that Wonder Man is his true brother and the Vision is a mockery of his brother.

    Grim Reaper plans to kill Vision until Wonder Man intercepts and saves the Vision. Discovering that Wonder Man is no longer "human", the Grim Reaper resigns to the fact that his brother is gone. Grim Reaper is defeated with relative ease, but in the process Ultron had commenced his plan to make himself a Bride.

    The Avengers fly into battle to stop Ultron and free both Hank Pym and Wasp from his clutches when Wonder Man suddenly realizes that he could potentially die in the fight. Discovering the limits of his invulnerability when Ultron's attacks hurt him, Wonder Man develops a crippling fear of death. Despite Wonder Man freezing up in combat, the Avengers managed to defeat Ultron but Wonder Man remained afraid of dying again.

    Korvac Saga

    A gathering of heroes.
    A gathering of heroes.

    Wonder Man and the Avengers faced one of their most powerful foes yet when the nigh-omnipotent Michael Korvac set out to make the Universe a utopia with no conflict. When all other attempts to stymie the threat Korvac presents to the world failed, the Avengers found themselves hopelessly battling him in combat. As his teammates all fell in battle before him, Wonder Man finally faced his own mortality and overcame his fear of dying when he threw himself into the fray. Though his attempts to battle the cosmically-powered Korvac proved futile when he too was killed, he and his fellow Avengers were restored to life shortly afterwards. Having faced his fear, Wonder Man was no longer frightened by the prospect of dying.

    West Coast Avengers Assemble

    Hollywood or Bust.
    Hollywood or Bust.

    Taking a break from the Avengers to instead focus on an acting career with varying success, Wonder Man was brought back into the fold when he was recruited for Hawkeye's team based on the West Coast. Wonder Man instantly tried to prove his worth to the team by taking on a small-time crook called The Blank all by himself. Wonder Man's arrogance instead cost him a very humbling defeat which was widely reported in the media.

    Embarrassed and having lost a lot of confidence, Wonder Man began considering leaving the team and continuing to pursue his career as an actor and stuntman instead. Convinced by his fellow teammate Tigra to wait it out, Wonder Man went into action alongside The Shroud and Tigra in an ill-fated confrontation with the super-villain Graviton. The three of them were defeated and Graviton took an unconscious Wonder Man as a prize to impress potential partners in his quest to become the kingpin of crime in Los Angeles. Using his gravity powers to drown the Avenger in a penthouse pool in front of several notorious crime bosses and gangsters, Wonder Man appeared dead by Graviton's hand.

    The rest of the Avengers arrived to battle the villain and avenge their fallen comrade. With Graviton's concentration completely on them, he no longer held Wonder Man submerged in the pool. This leads to the apparently still-alive Wonder Man freeing himself and helping in the defeat of Graviton. Wonder Man resolved to stay with the Avengers, now that his faith in himself is fully restored.

    Vision Quest

    When the governments of the world decided that the Vision was too great a threat to their national security, they banded together to abduct and erase the Vision's programming. Although Henry Pym was able to restore the Vision's body back to working order, he could not restore his personality without Simon's brain patterns. Simon refused; he had never given his permission before and couldn't be violated like that again. He revealed that he had secretly been in love with the Vision's wife, the Scarlet Witch, and it killed him that she had fallen in love with “his” personality programmed in the body of another man. The Scarlet Witch was furious with Simon and dropped a cliff-side on him, screaming that she hated him for his selfishness. The Vision Quest would ultimately contribute to Wanda's mental breakdown.

    The Dark Scarlet Witch Saga

    When the Scarlet Witch was manipulated by Immortus and her father Magneto to embrace her darker side, the Scarlet Witch began tormenting her old teammates, but above all else Wonder Man whom she repeatedly killed over and over again and used her hex power to bring him back from the dead. While held hostage by the sexy-evil Scarlet Witch, Wonder Man was also sexually tormented by her in an infamous scene where she dug her nails deep into his skin and progressively clawed her way down his body and eventually his crotch as Simon bellowed out in agony at the pain.

    Operation: Galactic Storm

    Simon strategically defeats Captain Atlas.
    Simon strategically defeats Captain Atlas.

    During the Shi'ar/Kree War, Wonder Man was appointed Rick Jones' bodyguard. Rick, who wasn't at all thrilled with the idea of being stuck with Simon, was a target because of his knowledge and close connection to Captain Marvel. But, through his efforts and some timely assistance from Scarlet Witch, Simon won him over and protected Rick by defeating Captain Atlas. When an appreciative Rick was out of harm's way, Captain America relieved Simon from "guard duty" and assigned him to an Avengers' space envoy. During the mission in space, Simon encountered and was soundly defeated by the Praetor of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, Gladiator, before he was seemingly killed when his physical body was destroyed in a massive Nega-Bomb explosion. The blast caused his body to undergo a further metamorphosis into a more ionic being. In addition to his enhanced strength and durability, Simon could now fly on his own power and shoot blasts of ionic energy. He later learned that he was now immortal, causing Simon to struggle greatly with this further loss of his humanity.


    When the Avengers West Coast were disbanded, Simon joined his fellow ex-Avengers West Coast members in their new group, Force Works. In their first mission, they battled against vengeful members of the Kree and Simon perished when he was blasted by an ionic cannon.

    Heroes Return

    Simon's resurrected ionic form.
    Simon's resurrected ionic form.

    After the Avengers reformed following their return from Franklin Richards' Counter-Earth, the Scarlet Witch was kidnapped by Morgan le Fay and Mordred the Evil. Harnessing her hex powers to alter reality and the Twilight Sword, Morgan restructured reality to her whim and kept Wanda captive underneath her castle. As Wanda cried for help, her desperation and probability altering powers seemingly brought Wonder Man back to life, albeit in a purely ionic form. Simon freed Wanda from captivity and, with Wanda redirecting the energies of all the Avengers to him, he then was able to defeat the Twilight Sword-wielding Morgan le Fay and reality returned to how it should be.

    Despite assuming Wonder Man was lost to them again, the Avengers were witness to Simon's ionic form being summoned whenever Wanda went through times of stress such as in a battle with the Squadron Supreme. Seeking out help from Agatha Harkness, Wanda learned that upon his apparent demise battling the Kree, Simon's love for Wanda kept his ionic form alive after his physical form had perished. With the aid of Harkness and the Grim Reaper, Wonder Man was returned to his physical form and the two embarked on a relationship. He would later continue to help the Avengers against threats like Pagan, Ultron and the Exemplars, among others.

    Civil War

    Simon was one of the first to register after the announcement of the Super Human Registration Act. Not only did he help capture renegade vigilantes and criminals, he was also instrumental as the public face for the SHRA, helping to create televised messages to educate the public and yet-unregistered super humans about the specifics of the Registration Act. After embezzling money from his own charity he was coerced to do even more work for S.H.I.E.L.D., possibly as a way to seek pardon. He is one of the first established heroes assigned to lead the Fifty State Initiative training program for inexperienced hero recruits along with Ms. Marvel, with whom he is rumored to be having an intimate relationship. He was also pronounced a member of the reformed Mighty Avengers.

    Dark Reign

    After the Secret Invasion, Simon was retired from being a hero by Norman Osborn. Using his celebrity status, Simon went on talk-shows condemning both Osborn's administration as well as the Avengers failings to prevent someone like Osborn from seizing control of the country. Simon joined his brother in a new Lethal Legion to undermine Osborn's hierarchy.

    Heroic Age

    Upon being released from prison when Osborn was removed from power, Simon was invited to join the Avengers again. Simon refused, feeling bitter towards the Avengers and blaming them for causing events like Civil War, Secret Invasion, and Siege. Simon told Steve that he should reconsider the idea of continuing the Avengers and change his mind or he would change it for him.

    After Iron Man and Thor confronted Simon over his attitude towards the Avengers, Iron Man remarked that Simon was "leaking" ionic energy. Simon appeared to be dematerializing. He looked sickly, lost hair, and acted and spoke irrationally, suggesting that something was seriously wrong with Wonder Man. Recently, Simon came to the conclusion that the Avengers simply cause more harm than good, stating that the endangerment of countless innocent bystanders over the years as result of battles with enemies and the lure and even creation of villains from the Avengers being a famous superhero team outweigh all the good the team accomplishes. He gathered allies like Black Goliath and Virtue and formed his own team, the Revengers. They successfully assaulted Avengers Mansion and defeated the Avengers. Later, the Avengers took revenge on Wonder Man and his team and defeated them, but not before he is able to instill a degree of doubt in the general population as to the validity and consequences of the Avengers' actions. He is held in a cell, designed specifically, by Tony Stark, to contain his ionic form, and makes the claim that he has not been 'real' since his resurrection. While making this statement his energy based body seems to dissipate and, eventually, completely disappear.

    Uncanny Avengers

    Released from Rogue
    Released from Rogue

    After attempting to disband existing Avengers teams, Simon took a vow of pacifism, never to solve issues with punching again. However, he was still asked to join the Avengers Unity Squad, an Avengers/X-Men co-operative founded by Captain America and Havok after Cap was challenged on his lack of effort against anti-mutant sentiment. He was asked specifically to join the PR team to help iron out their support of mutants with the public. Simon’s involvement brings attention from his brother, Grim Reaper, during their first press conference as a team. He used himself as a human shield against his brother’s energy attack, but it took him out of the fight. Rogue borrowed a portion of his abilities but underestimated his power level, accidentally killing Reaper.

    Unfortunately, Reaper is later resurrected as one of the Four Horsemen of Death, the enforcers of the Apocalypse Twins. The twins ultimate goal was to teleport all existing mutants to a planet without humans. Reaper is sent to kidnap Simon and turn him into the power source for an engine that would be driven by Scarlet Witch’s powers, who agreed to help the twins. She was secretly scheming with Wonder Man to betray the twins, but none of their plans pan out. Simon ultimately turns into pure ionic energy for Wanda to absorb as a last ditch effort to stop the twins, but Wanda fails. The surviving members of the rapture are able to use time travel for a second chance against the twins. This time Simon turns into ionic energy to be absorbed by Rogue. The team is successful this time, however, Rogue is injured and can not release Simon’s energy.

    It isn’t until the Unity Squad is rebranded as an Avenger/X-Men/Inhuman co-op that Simon is finally released. Rogue shared a kiss with Deadpool for his impressive heroics as a member of the team. Absorbing his chaotic mix of cancer and healing factor gave her body the push to finally release Simon.

    No Surrender

    When Earth is stolen to be used as a game board by The Challenger (using the Black Order) and The Grandmaster (using the Lethal Legion), the most prominent Avengers are frozen in stasis so as not to interfere. All available Avengers are activated, including Simon.

    Simon split his time on a team sent to Peru to protect locals from the competing alien forces and checking in on his buddy, Beast, who was running triage. When the Hulk is resurrected by The Challenger to distract the Avengers from intervening in his game, Simon puts his pacifism to good use by talking to Hulk rather than fighting and making him more angry. After reaching Hulk, Hulk is convinced to smash one of The Challengers game tokens, ruining his plan, and setting the stage for a final Avengers victory.

    War of the Realms

    The Babysitter's Club
    The Babysitter's Club

    Malekith led an army across nine of the ten realms and now had his sights on Midgard. The Asgardians partnered with the heroes of Earth to fight them on many fronts. Balder was in charge of keeping Odin’s new baby, Laussa, safe from Sindr. The norn known as Skuld predicted his team, including Simon, “The Man of Wonders," the only member Balder predicted correctly.

    Their plan was to stay out of the war and lay low, constantly moving using Wonder Man’s RV, which only Kate could drive. They failed though as they were being chased by Ares, manipulated by Sindr and driving a demonic Semi truck. To defend herself, Druid pulled the Pinaka Bow from his Shadow-Cloak, allowing her to shoot infinite energy arrows.

    During their pitstop in Carson City, Ares was finally able to nab Laussa from Kate and her crew. Wonder Man flew ahead with Spider-Man to grab Laussa so Kate could run the RV into Ares. Thankfully, Sindr had found the War of Realms harder than she expected and had abandoned her quest for the child. So, when the war was finally won, Kate and her team, now including a regretful Ares, returned Laussa to her family.

    The Ultron Agenda

    Vision and Wonder Man combined
    Vision and Wonder Man combined

    When Hank Pym and Ultron combined into a single identity, they devised a plan to continue bonding organic and techno beings believing it to be a superior reality. He combined Vision and Wonder Man into a single entity that was unleashed on Iron Man, so that Ultron could abduct Wasp and Jocasta, to combine them as his new bride.

    Stark was able to apprehend Vision-Simon. He put a team together to chase Pym-Ultron, while Stark Unlimited scientists worked on separating Viz from Simon. Once successful, they work on weaponizing the technique. Viz and Simon fight Pym-Ultron to buy them some time. Once Stark is armed with the new weapon, he threatens to separate Pym and Ultron, thus proving to Ultron that Pym has been dead this whole time and disproving Ultron’s theory that he is superior for being combined. Afraid of the truth, Pym-Ultron surrenders quietly.


    Disarming the soldiers
    Disarming the soldiers

    When the Cotati, the plant people living on the Moon, decided to target both the Earth and the newly united Kree/Skrull Alliance, Skrull separatists decided to take out the Cotati by blowing up the Earth’s sun and destroying the entire solar system. They would do so using the Pyre, a bomb traditionally used to test the mettle of a new king, which the Kree/Skrull Alliance had in Hulkling. While the Avengers and Fantastic Four did their best to fight the various alien threats, reservists, like Simon, were called in to deal with incidents on Earth.

    Simon was sent to Mexico with Quicksilver and Mockingbird where a platoon of Skrulls and Kree were fighting Cotati soldiers. They attempted to convince them all to put down their weapons and stop fighting in general. When their words didn't work, they forcibly disarmed them and destroyed their weapons.

    Powers and Abilities

    Through treatments performed by Baron Zemo, Simon became a being composed of pure, solid ionic energy, gaining superhuman powers such as:

    Super Strength

    Almost as strong as Thor.
    Almost as strong as Thor.

    Wonder Man's strength level is in excess of the 100-ton range. He held his own against several powerhouses of the Marvel Universe, like Thor, Hulk, Hercules, Namor, Gladiator, Hyperion, Blue Marvel, Ares, Atlas, Vision, Korg, the Thing, Abomination, Drax, Tiger Shark, Tyrak, Griffin, Skurge, Doc Samson, Iron Man, War Machine and She-Hulk, among others. It is said that his strength is almost equal to that of Thor and Sentry. When Champion came to Earth looking for a worthy opponent for a boxing match, he picked Wonder Man, alongside Hulk, Thor, Namor, Colossus, the Thing, Sasquatch and Doc Samson. He was also said to be one of the physically strongest Avengers, alongside Hulk, Thor, Hercules, Namor and Gilgamesh. The being known as Kismet once picked Wonder Man to be the genetic "father" of her offspring, alongside Hercules, Hyperion, Ikaris, Gilgamesh and Doc Samson. Once, Simon was capable of defeating the Red Hulk without much effort, while not even wishing to engage. He also overpowered a team of some of the most powerful Avengers alone, went toe-to-toe against Thor (beating him until Thor used the powers of Mjolnir), easily defeated Ms. Marvel, and almost KO'd Thor with one punch.

    He can also use his strength to jump remarkably high, allowing him to travel vast distances (much like the Hulk). However, he stopped doing this when he gained the ability to fly.


    Wonder Man's skin and tissue have been rated a 9 on the Mohs scale of Hardness (normal human tissue equals a 1 and diamond equals 10). His body is almost invulnerable to all types of damage (high or low temperatures, high-caliber bullets, blunt force). He can tolerate blows from the likes of Thor, Hulk, Hercules, Namor, Gladiator, Hyperion, Blue Marvel, Ares, Atlas, Vision, Korg, the Thing, Abomination, Drax, Tiger Shark, Tyrak, Griffin, Ultimo, Skurge, Doc Samson, Captain Atlas, She-Hulk, Miss Marvel and other powerhouses and still keep fighting. He took a beating from the Hulk (who was separated from Banner, increasing his power to much greater levels) and continued to fight, survived blows from Count Nefaria, Pagan and Arsenal, and even tanked a full-on punch from Red Hulk without any damage. His skin is pretty much immune to cutting weapons when he is in his ionic form, as a direct blow from Wolverine's claws could not damage him one bit. Simon also has massive durability against energy attacks, as he tanked blasts from one of the earlier versions of Ultron without any damage, along with energy blasts from the likes of Vision, Iron Man and Human Torch. His ionic energies also grant him special resistance against Vision's phasing.

    However, he has a weakness against manipulation of his ionic energies, which has been done by energy manipulators like Silver Surfer.

    Unlimited Stamina and Immortality

    Since Simon gained his ionic form, he has almost unlimited stamina and no longer requires food, water, or air to survive. Wonder Man also doesn't age.

    Super Speed and Agility

    Simon's agility was enhanced to superhuman levels because of his Ionic Energy. He also has almost instantaneous reflexes, as he was able to tag a moving Beast and beat up Wolverine before he could make a move.


    Able to fly on his own now.
    Able to fly on his own now.

    At first, Simon used a rocket propulsion belt to fly. However, after his resurrection, he learned to fly at high speeds using his own ionic propulsion (it is said he can fly at speeds greater than 700 miles per hour).

    In addition to these powers, Simon also showed the ability to project powerful blasts of Ionic Energy from his hands and eyes, which had very destructive capabilities. He also showed the ability to change his shape and size to a level such that he was larger than Goliath. However, those abilities were shown before his death, and, after his resurrection, Simon never showed those abilities again. It is unclear if he is still capable of doing so, or somehow he lost those powers after he was resurrected.


    Simon Williams
    Simon Williams
    • Height: 6'2"
    • Weight: 380 lbs.
    • Eyes: Red (no irises, eyeballs are entirely permeated with shifting spots of energy. It's assumed this is ionic in nature).
    • Hair: Grey (dyed black)
    • Identity: Public identity
    • Place of Birth: Paterson, New Jersey
    • Citizenship: American
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Occupation: Avenger, adventurer; former agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., industrialist, stuntman, actor
    • Education: Advanced degree in electrical engineering

    Alternate Earths


    Simon with the Guardians of the Galaxy
    Simon with the Guardians of the Galaxy

    In the 21st Century, Wonder Man was one of the few heroes to survive the Martian Invasion of Earth known as the War of the Worlds. During a pivotal point of the war, Wonder Man was teleported from Earth by the Vision who concluded that the war had an inevitable outcome. Wonder Man demanded that the Vision send him back but upon his return the heroes lost the war. The Martians had successfully occupied Earth but a resistance movement was formed on Earth by Killraven and his Freemen.

    At some point after the end of the war, Wonder Man changed his name to Hollywood. After the Martians succumbed to a mysterious illness, they retreated from Earth but centuries later in the 30th Century the Badoon conquered Earth's solar system as well as Earth's surrounding colonies. Earth was eventually freed from Badoon occupation due to the efforts of the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Defenders. At some point, Hollywood joined a resistance group known as the Commandeers.

    Years later, a small group of Badoon who remained on Earth and a militant group called the Punishers had enslaved the human population with a narcotic VR program known as Realitee-Vee. The Commandeers and the Guardians defeated the Badoon soldiers and the Punishers and destroyed the refinery that produced Realitee-Vee. Hollywood continued as a Commandeer on Earth until he was recruited by Martinex into the Galactic Guardians.

    Martinex called on Hollywood, Spirit of Vengeance, Firelord, Phoenix IX and Replica to battle Korvac who had infiltrated Mainframe. After defeating Korvac and his Intimidators, Hollywood and the others decided to stay together as the Galactic Guardians. While responding to a threat from Dormammu, the Galactic Guardians defeated Bubonicus. The Galactic Guardians, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Krugarr and the Ancient One (formerly Dr. Strange) all joined together to battle Dormammu.

    After defeating Dormammu, Hollywood asked the Guardians of the Galaxy to check on the Commandeers on Earth. Hollywood and the Galactic Guardians returned to Mainframe's Homeworld, Klaatu. After the Guardians of the Galaxy returned to Earth, it was revealed that Doctor Doom created the addictive VR program, Realitee-Vee, which he called the Karoshi Program. Doom had Rancor and her lieutenants rebuild the refinery to enslave Earth's population once again.

    Doom had survived into the 30th Century by placing his brain in Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton. While the Guardians defeated Rancor's lieutenants, Doom defeated Rancor in battle and he escaped to repair the exposed area of his brain. The Guardians destroyed the refinery again but Rancor and her lieutenants escaped as well. After discovering that Doom had escaped, Hollywood went on a quest to hunt for Doom.

    Hollywood's quest was interrupted when he and the Galactic Guardians fought Ubiquitor and her Emissaries. Hollywood resumed his quest for Doom after his opponent, Silverback, was sucked into a black hole. Hollywood eventually rejoined with the Guardians of the Galaxy.


    No Caption Provided

    In this alternate reality, Wonder Man survives the events depicted in Avengers #9. Simon continues his membership with the Avengers and proves himself a worthy addition to the team. So much so, that when Captain America takes his leave, he appoints Wonder Man as his successor for leadership of the Avengers. During this time, the Scarlet Witch has joined the Avengers. She and Simon develop feelings for one another, much to the utter disapproval of Quicksilver. After Quicksilver is killed protecting his sister, a grieving Wanda accepts Simon's proposal and they are wed soon afterwards. With Wonder Man among the living in this reality, Ultron transplants his own brain patterns into his new creation: the Vision. He attacks the Avengers and is defeated by Ant-Man (Hank Pym), but not before critically wounding Wonder Man. With no recourse left to consider, Pym records Simon's brain patterns and transplants them into the Vision. Despite protests from the Scarlet Witch, Simon Williams will now live on in the synthetic form of the Vision.


    In this reality the Avengers went on a mission against Ultron. In the last minute Hulk betrayed them and Tigra tried attacking him only for him to rip her apart. Seeing this Wonder Man jumped and battled the Hulk, when Hulk managed to crack his skin. Wonder Man knew he had minutes to live and took the Hulk to the air and blew in a massive mushroom cloud explosion that killed them both.


    Wonder Man had being turned into a Cyborg still possessing all his previous powers and a metallic body with virtual skin to appear more human. Do to his new body he could control his powers in new forms. When his world nexus being was killed, his world collapse and all the inhabits who tried to run to the 616 realities were erase as well; Ultron, Cybermancer and himself.


    Wonder Man was one the many heroes that was killed when Magneto took over the White House and tried to manipulate one the Sentinels however it had a nuclear bomb killing most the Avengers, X-Men, Human Liberation Front and the Savage Land Mutates.


    Wonder Man is a famous actor who the tabloid report is romantically involved with the human super hero Carol Danvers.

    Other Media


    Avengers: United They Stand

    United They Stand
    United They Stand

    Wonder Man appeared briefly during the first season of the animated series The Avengers: United They Stand. He is put into a coma after an attack by the Vision and remains in the hospital for most of the series, only seen occasionally during visits by the Scarlet Witch. He was voiced by Hamish McEwan.

    Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

    Avengers: EMH
    Avengers: EMH

    Wonder Man appeared in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. The episode is called 'Everything Is Wonderful'. It's his origin tale, where he gets his powers with help from Grim Reaper and MODOK in order to get revenge against Iron Man after the latter buys his company , and he plays a villain who teams up with the Masters of Evil, a team that included Skurge, Abomination, Crimson Dynamo, Living Laser, Chemistro, Baron Zemo and Amora. He later appears in the episode "Gamma World Part 2" alongside the Masters of Evil. In the Episode "Masters of Evil" Wonder Man and the other "Masters" attack Avengers Mansion. During his battle with Ant Man, Simon shows some regret for his actions but insists that Baron Zemo is the only one who can restore his humanity. He later appears at the end of the first season, where the Masters of Evil try to claim the Norn Stones, as part of Loki's plan, which forces both them and the Avengers to split up to get them. In Wonder Man's case, he had to fight Black Panther. He later appears during the second season, where Skurge and Amora start hunting down the Masters of Evil, which forces them to team-up with the Avengers. However, Zemo betrays them, and Simon sacrifices his life in order to stop him. Wonder Man is voiced by Phil Lamarr. Like in the comics, Grim Reaper is his brother, but unlike most versions, this Wonder Man has no connection with his universe's Vision, who debuted after Simon's death. After he got his powers, he could no longer look like a normal human, instead being purple and bald with red eyes.


    Wonder Man in the M.O.D.O.K. cartoon
    Wonder Man in the M.O.D.O.K. cartoon

    Wonder Man appears as a recurring character in the Hulu animated series M.O.D.O.K., voiced by Nathan Fillion. He is depicted as a celebrity superhero and aspiring member of the Avengers who begins dating M.O.D.O.K.'s wife Jodie after the couple separates. He subsequently develops a rivalry with M.O.D.O.K., who wants to get back with his wife and repair their relationship.

    Video Games

    Avenger's Academy
    Avenger's Academy
    • Wonder Man makes a cameo appearance as a non-playable character in the 1991 arcade game Captain America and the Avengers.
    • Wonder Man appears in the game Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, voiced by Dave B. Mitchell. He appears as a boss fight for gamers playing on Captain America's Anti-Registration side.
    • Wonder Man appears in the online game Marvel Super Hero Squad Online as a playable character.
    • Wonder Man can be unlocked in the Facebook game Marvel: Avengers Alliance.
    • Wonder Man is situated in Avengers Tower, in the online game Marvel Heroes, providing the player with quests.
    • Wonder Man was a premium character during the "Civil War" event in the mobile app game Avengers Academy.
    • Wonder Man is playable character in the game Lego Marvel's The Avengers but is only available in Captain Marvel Season Pass DLC pack.


    Marvel Infinite and Marvel Legends
    Marvel Infinite and Marvel Legends
    • Wonder Man was featured in ToyBiz's short-lived toyline for The Avengers: United They Stand.
    • Wonder Man was featured in ToyBiz's Marvel Legends line as part of the Legendary Riders series. A variant depicting him in his ionic form was also released
    • Hasbro released a Wonder Man figure for Marvel Universe line as part of Marvel Greatest Battles Comic Pack that came with Quicksilver figure.
    • When Hasbro started a new line for 3.75 inch figures called Marvel Infinite Series they released a Wonder Man figure in his ionic form.
    • Wonder Man was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line as part of the Abomination Build-a-Figure wave.
    • A classic Wonder Man figure was later included in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line as part of the Puff Adder Build-a-Figure wave.

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