Wonder Comics #2

    Wonder Comics » Wonder Comics #2 - The Children's Crusade; The Iron Horse Goes Through. released by Fox Comics (US) on June 1, 1939.

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    Shaddiba's Lair
    Shaddiba's Lair

    This is a huge comic with several stories all all different kinds and types.

    Charlie Siringo
    Charlie Siringo
    A Cold Filmore Dudd
    A Cold Filmore Dudd
    The Spy: Jack Coe
    The Spy: Jack Coe
    1. Winged Wonders. The first is a one page factoid about airplanes. It is a simple factoid done in Black and White.
    2. Yarko the Great. Yarko is faced with an enemy who seem to be his equal in every way. At first his enemy Shaddiba seems to have the upper hand but he looses is when Yarko gets away and comes back at full force. Shaddiba beaten blows up his own home to keep Yarko or anyone else to find anything about him.
    3. Millie the Mermaid. is a two page comic strip. It has undersea characters like King Neptune and Davey Jones.
    4. Don Quixote. This is a two page comical tale Don Quixote and Sancho Panza go forward into time and end up in New York City. There Quixote makes trouble just like he did in his day.
    5. Wonders in the news. A woman gets a job as a columnist and a grandfather delivers his great-grandson in the one page feature.
    6. Shorty Shortcake. An eight page comic strip about a short boy who escapes kidnappers only to see his friends get caught by the same kidnappers and now it is time for Shorty to get the Border Patrol and save the day. The story ends on a cliff hanger.
    7. Wonders That Are True. This is a one page factoid of odd facts. They are unfortunately not really that odd.
    8. Patty O'day. Patty and Ham are shot down over the Panama Canal. She and ham are capture and escape from spy a few times before they are able to alert the U.S. Army. The odd point is the story doesn't continue with the mystery of last issue
    9. Men Who Made the West. This is a two page feature about a western hero. In this issue the feature person is Charlie Siringo.
    10. Dr. Fung. A five page adventure of Dr. Fung and Dan Barrister. The two are hired out by a man who has fad five employees killed. His business in Peal Diving. Dr. Fung and Dan agree to take the case and solve the mystery of the murders.
    11. The Children's Crusade. The Childrens's crusade is a two page short story (not in comic form) is about the historic Ccildrens' Crusade that failed. It is about the leader of the group and what happened to him and the other children when they reach the sea. The story say's it will tell a new part of the tale in the next issue but unless it was picked up by another title that didn't happen as this is the last issue.
    12. The Iron Horse Goes Through. The Iron Horse Goes Through is a western story about the railroad being built. The rail worker Tex Maxon is the hero in the story as he fight to get the track to go through Elk City.
    13. -Sport- Album. -Sport- Album is one one page bio of famous athletes of the day.
    14. Filmore Dudd. Is a one page six panel comic strip about a comical character called Filmore Dudd
    15. Movie Memos. Movie Memos is a recurring one page segment. I feature various celebrities of the day.
    16. K-51. This is the first comic where K-5 would become K-51. It is never explained why the name was changed. In this five page espionage story K-51 meets Agent Z-19. Z-19 is a beautiful female spy who takes a liking to K-51. In the issue K-51 is forced to kill Jack Coe and spy and traitor.
    17. Gang Buster Robinson. Gang-Buster brings down another gang. He shoot Tips Craven in the back in this four page adventure. Tips survives and is sentence to prison.
    18. Short Subjects. Short Subjects is two comic strips on one page. One strip is called Monkey Shines and the other in known as the Frankfurter Follies of 1939.
    19. Wonder Stamp Club. Wonder Stamp Club is a page about stamp collecting. At the end it encourages readers to send in their own stories about stamps.
    20. Slight Errors. Slight Errors is a feature one page with four one frame comics.
    21. Spark Stevens. Spark Stevens and Chuck Lawton become heroes again as they stop a group of saboteurs bent on blowing up their own vessel the U.S.S. Dragon.
    22. Belly Busters. Belly Busters is a feature one page with three one frame comics. It also announces the the comic will change it's name to Wonderworld Comics with the next issue.

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    1939 A Good Year 0

    Patty O'Day These older comics are impressive.  68 pages without any adds to speak of.  It is like reading 4 or 5 comics today.  It seems like in these issues they would trough everything in these books and see what sticks.  There is every kind of story you can imagine.  The book has a magical hero, Sunday style comics, a new reporter adventure, a detective story, a western, a spy tale, a police drama and a military story.  There are also several one page things ranging from comic strips to bio...

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