Wonder Comics #1

    Wonder Comics » Wonder Comics #1 - The Wrath of Allah released by Gwandanaland Comics on October 2017.

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    This issue is a reprint of Wonder Comics #1.


    1. Winged Wonders. This is a one page black and white panel about different kinds of planes.
    2. Wonder Man. The first is the only appearance of Wonder Man. Written and Drawn by Will Eisner the 14-page intro story drew a lawsuit from DC comics, and the characters were never seen again. The story is about Marvel Man stopping a civil war with a short origin story at the beginning.
    3. Shorty Shortcake. In this 8-page Shorty is walking around to get inspired for a book report he has to write. He ends up being kidnapped by two crook. He eventually escaped or so it seems as the book ends on a cliff hanger.
    4. Wonders that are true. This is a just 1-page story of mostly deformed animals that were born. It is very similar to Ripley's believe it or not.
    5. Patty O'day. Patty O'day is investigating what she thought was a sinking ship but turns out to be smoke bombs on the ship. The crew is very secretive about her being on board and she meets a man who calls himself Lord Michael Farnsworth. Farnsworth helps her off the ship but hands her a letter before she gets off. The 4-page story ends on a cliff hanger.
    6. Men Who Made The West. This is a two page story about Buffalo Bill. The thing is the story seems to lack a single fact other than the year he was born.
    7. Dr. Fung. A 6-Page detective/adventure story. Dr. Fung and Dan Barrister go against the master mind Li Wang. Wang has made half men half beast warriors and has created the ultimate bomb. Dr. Fung and Barrister have to destroy Wang's lab in order to save the world.
    8. The Wrath Of Allah. This is a two page printed story by Will Eisner. Their is only one image and the rest of the story to told like a book. It i basically a war story in the time and ranks of Genghis Khan.
    9. Lone Hand. A five page western. Lone Hand is a western about a cattle hand named Tex Dawson who goes after the man that killed his father Cactus Kirby.
    10. -Sport- Album. This is a one page factoid. There are thee people honored on this page. Gar Wood, Fred Jacoby and Lefty Grove.
    11. Movie Memos. This is a one page full of mini biographies of celebrities. Featured on the page id Deanna Derbin, Wallace Beery, Joe E. Brown, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.
    12. K-5. In this five page epic there is a story of two friends who find themselves on opposite sides of a war. K-5 and Rick Anthony grew up as friends and end up facing each other in a dog fight the ends up with Anthony getting shot in the back of the head by his own commander and leader of the rebellion The Mask for refusing to fire on his friend. The mask however doesn't fair better as K-5 shoots him down ending the rebellion.
    13. Gang-Buster Robinson. A five page story about a lawyer Robinson who brings down a gang in Capitol City. He then swears to clean up the whole city.
    14. Some Fun. Some fun is four separate comic frames on one page. They are short one line jokes.
    15. Spark Stevens. This is a Bob Kane story about two best friends who fight all the time. The two guys Spark Stevens and Chuck Lawton manage to defend their ship from pirates and save the day.
    16. Prof. Penpusher's Cartooning Class. This is a comical way to teach kids to draw. It is set up on one page.
    17. Belly Busters. Belly Busters is another four separate comic frames on one page. They are short one line jokes.

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