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First appearing in National Comics # 1 from Quality, Wonder Boy was a seemingly 15 year old boy who just appeared human, he really came from the stars crashing to earth in a meteor and springing out of it fully formed.

Where this meteor came from and where his costume came from was never explained.

As most of the stories with him in them were only 6 pages long there was never much revealed about him other than that he was known for:

Having the strength of 1000 men,

A girl friend named Sally Benson,

And a tendency for bombastic speeches

Deciding to help the people of Earth fight crime and evil (most pacifically Hitler) his first act shortly after getting out the meteor and hearing about Hitler was to swim to Europe and bash a few fascists, he was soon called Wonder Boy by the public at large, otherwise he had no other name or a secret identity, and apparently never wore anything but the costume he was “born” wearing.

Wonder Boy ran in National Comics along with Uncle Sam until #26, dropped from there he next turned up as the featured character in Bomber Comics which was published by Elliot Publishing, the company that would shortly become Gilberton and drop all superheroes when they turned their Classic Comics into Classics Illustrated.

With Bomber Comics gone Wonder Boy next turned up in 1955 being published by Ajax-Farrell as the last few issues of their horror comic Horrific, which with the coming of the Comic Code Authority was first been renamed Terrific, then for the last two issues Wonder Boy.

After that, other than in reprints, Wonder Boy was heard from no more.

This is not the same Wonder Boy that was in Teen Titans. 
 There has been a character named Bobby Barnes, a non-superpowered kid. He was the nephew of Trevor Barnes a love-interest to Princess Diana. He follows her around for a day and is given a "wonder Boy" t-shirt.


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