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    Wolverine - Armored Missile Vehicle

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    The Wolverine is an Armored Missile Carrier and was first used in battle in 1983. Its primary pilot is Cover Girl. Its armor and armament of ground-to-ground missiles make it ideal to eliminate enemy tanks. Unfortunately it is easy prey for air vehicles, such as the Rattler.

    The Wolverine, like the MOBAT, is an old friend to the G.I. Joe team.  It packs a punch like no other heavy-ordnance vehicle in the motor pool.  It features the ability to launch either one missile at a time, or rapid-fire the entire 12-missile salvo in under six seconds, one after the other.  The Wolverine's appearance on the battlefield can soon spell the end of a fight.

    The Wolverine weighs in at 19.5 tons and has a top speed of 33 MPH and a fully loaded range of 450 miles.  It is packed with 12 anti-tank or anti-personnel, medium-range, optically sighted, laser designated missiles.


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