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Until now it is not counterpart in main reality.

Earth 295 - Age of Apocalypse

He appeared in x-men chronicles #2 as the main hunter of Holocaust, being altered by Dark Beast he is the ultimate chaser and cosidered the best assassin in earth. He is sent by Holocaust to hunt the x-men and kill whoever that Magneto love the most in front of him.

Using his powers managed to stab Magneto with a plastic knife, that was threw by a gang member controlled by him and forced the x-men to retire. Taking this opportunity, he followed their track and found their headquarters in New Mexico. With a bunch of controlled humans he attacked the x-men, using those humans as distraction he attacked a weakened Magneto but he was stopped by Gambit and Rogue. The the entire X-Men joined the fight but they were beaten. In the end, Gambit punched him in the stomach attaching a kinetic charge that blowed him up . It is not clear what happened to him.

Powers and weapons

He could grant strenght, stamina and agility to any person whose choose.

Super human strength, speed, agilty, stamina, reflexes and durability.

Giant body, he was able to crush a human in his bare hand.

Super smell. He uses this enhanced sense to hunt his preys.

He has two enormous blade in his forearms.


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