How to Kill Wolverine

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In the current Wolverine series, Wolvie's body has been taken over by a demon, and Wolverine tries very hard to regain control; however, the X-Men develop a plan to kill Wolverine, for good. The plan was pretty cool, and pretty plausible. It went like so.

  1. Magneto busts in and rips the adamantium from Wolverine's skeleton.
  2. Namor rips Wolverine's head off.

Pretty sweet and simple. Sure there's also some optic blasts from Cyclops, but that's just a little bit of fun overkill. It got me thinking, are there other ways to kill Wolverine? Aside from a character "wishing his death" or something along those lines, there's got to be a few different ways to kill the ragin Canuck, right? Well, I've come up with a few plausible scenarios involving some Marvel characters.
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== TEASER ==

Scenario #1

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Featured Wolvie-Stoppers: Leech & The Vision
This is probably the simplest of ways to kill old Logan. "How simple?" You may ask? Well, check it out. First, have Leech get close to Wolverine, using his mutant power to nullify Wolverine's powers.

Next, Vision will come in, doesn't matter if it's the original Vision or the Iron Lad version, alter his density, put his hand into Wolverine's brain and play "blender" with his brains, and then pull them all out. It's hard to regenerate when you don't have any brains. Extremely violent? Yes. Successful? Double Yes.

Chance of Wolverine Surviving: Depends how long Leech stays around to get of that pesky healing factor. But chances are, if Leech stayed around for a day or two, there's no way Wolverine could come back from that.

Scenario #2

Featured Wolvie-Stoppers: Rogue (Pre-Power Control) & Jean Grey (No Phoenix)
I'm getting pretty specific here with my character choices, but oh well. This one is pretty simple, I hope. Jean Grey is there for a few reasons: distraction, containment, and detection.

So, Jean Grey distracts Wolverine, which won't be so hard because Logan is in love with her. I'm pretty sure she just has to wave, and he'll be distracted for a few minutes. Rogue can come up behind him and suck the life out of him. Since this is the Rogue before she gained ability to control her powers, she can get to the point where she is sucking the life out of Wolverine, and possibly kill him. That brings us to Jean Grey. She is there to use her telekinesis to hold Wolvie in place, and use her telepathy to detect whether or not Wolverine is alive. Worse comes to worse, Jean Grey can use her telekinesis to send Logan into space. Is it overkill? Maybe. Is it necessary? Yes.

Chance of Wolverine Surviving: 50/50. It all depends on how powerful Wolverine's healing factor is, and whether or not his brain decides to shut down from Rogue's draining process. That's why we have the launching into space plan, just in case.
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You know what the worst part is about this? I spent a lot of time over the weekend wondering how/who could kill Wolverine. I wanted to stay away from all the cosmic characters and characters who can wish people out of existence, but when it comes down to it, he's a hard character to kill. Aside from the amazing healing factor, getting past his senses, fighting ability, and that pesky adamantium skeleton makes him extremely tough.

Maybe that's why the original plan, in the current Wolverine series, is so darn cool because it involves a team of the most powerful mutants showing no mercy and ending him as fast as possible. The worst part was I could only come up with two feasible ways of killing Wolverine that didn't overlap with each other. So, that being said, how would you kill Wolverine?

Rules For Killing Wolverine:

  1. Has to be Marvel characters only.
  2. No one with cosmic powers.
  3. No one that can "wish" the character away.
  4. Cannot overlap with the original plan Cyclops/Wolverine/Namor had.
  5. Be creative.

Good luck!

~Mat "inferiorego" Elfring is a comedian, writer, comic store employee, and teacher.
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Gentlemen, how do we kill the Wolverine?

EDIT: does that Antarctic Anti-Metal stuff nullify adamantium?  Do that, then sever the head in tons of ways.  Quicksilver-twist-off, Forge can make a Rube Goldberg guillotine.

Alternate: I always thought about what if Gambit could get Wolverine's skeleton?  If he could charge it all, wouldn't that probably be enough to assure he's not growin back from that kinda messiness?
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One step: Nullify his powers. Several Marvel characters and items have been shown to have this ability. As was hinted at in Messiah Complex and House of M fairly recently, without his powers, he'd die from Adamantium poisoning.

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@Seraphim84: We don't -- Wolverine kills us. 

Kidding. The people who have read this so far are seriously thinking about this. 
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Medieval catapult into the sun. Or heaved there by the Hulk or Hercules.

Try using that factor of healing in the sun, you hairy mutie!

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Any character with reasonably good fighting skill with the Muramassa blade could pull it off, or Superman could hurl him into the sun

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Didnt Prof X come up with that plan a while ago?

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Ghost Rider & Emma Frost

Emma Frost will use her telekentics and slamming body to hold Wolverine while Ghost Rider will look into Logan soul and see all the people he has killed and incidents that have suffered at his hands. Thus sending him to hell and his body nothing more than a rotten corpse. ......I have a feeling a Comic Nerd is going to shine in and call me out on

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Cut his head off with a adamantium blade that is soaked with a mutant cure, so his body will not heal if he manges to come back.

I'm creative!!!

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The most imaginative, and visually fun to watch, was done by none other than The Punisher, under the watchful eye of Garth Ennis. 

Punisher waited until Wolverine was completely slobbering drunk, attacked him and ended up throwing him into an open electrical box at a construction site.  The resulting electrocution, my aren't those adamantium skeletons conductive, resulted in Logan's flesh being burned entirely off.  Can't really count on a healing factor when there's 50k + voltage running through you for a prolonged period of time.

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It's not that creative so I'll try again later, but the Hulk during WWH actually came up with a plan that if you just deprive him of oxygen then his brain would die and he wouldn't be able to heal it back without the oxygen there to keep his blood cells active. So I say just have the Wizard stick an anti-gravity pad to his chest and send him into space.

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Desert. War Machine flyes in the sky and start shooting. Only Wolverine's skeleton remains, Take the skeleton and put it underwater. Wolverine is dead.

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Hulk, Colossus, Juggernaut, Gladiator
Pretty simple, each grab a limb and pull in opposite directions, therefore even if he does survive that, he can't move or fight back.  Then each take their limb, and put them in 4 separate active volcanoes, far enough, and random enough, apart that he has no hope of finding them.  The gladiator takes the portion with the head into the vacuum of space where the rest of him dies of asphyxiation.

That's how I would go about it, what can I say I'm a romantic. ;) 
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Use Magneto

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Kang The Conquerer (original) uses an Anti-matter force field to completely delete him from existence...

Doctor Doom captures him, and then invents some kind of device (With prep) similar to what Weapon X had to liquefy his skeleton, then he stomps his face in or uses Latveria's space program to send him to the sun... 

Graviton makes Wolverine's organs all 1,000,000,000 ibs while pulling his skeleton up into the atmosphere...


Omega Red drains out his life-force and then Deadpool lops off his head with an adamantium / vibranium katana...

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Just drown the poor bastard, or have Hulk, Thor, Sentry throw his ass into space or better yet the Sun. BAM dead Wolvie
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@GhostPig: LOL. There was JUST a story where Wolverine WAS sent to hell and STILL managed to come back... with Ghost Rider's help, in fact.
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@GothamRed:   remember  no Cosmic characters.
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Step One: Find King Hyperion

Step Two: Ermmmm... There isn't One

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Yeah I no, not very creative.
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Making him laugh.
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how many blog and forums with this subject? to much

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I guess this all depends on how long you want it to take.  Technically, if you simply shut off his healing factor using Leech or even Forge's power nullifying gun, all you need to do is wait for the adamantium to poison him.  Another option, have a teleporter remove his head from his body.

Ok, here is a good one.  Take Firestar, Iceman and Colossus.  First have Colossus hold Logan in place. Next, have Firestar focus her microwave rays on Logan's skeleton.  Once the adamantium reaches melting point, have Iceman instantly freeze all of the water molecules in Logan's body.  This should cause the metal inside him to "snap" and shatter his entire skeleton.  Next have Colossus remove Wolverine's head from his shoulders, which should also be easy because he is already frozen, and crush his skull.  It's at least plausible.

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Couldn't you just drown him? Isn't that how Wolverine dealt with a bunch of copies of himself a year or two ago?

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Have Emma disable his motor skills then have Molecule Man unravel him on an atomic level. Then conveniently disperse him. 

Or just have the Hulk lose it and rip him apart.  Because there's no reason he can't, Wolverine's bones are coated but his ligaments and cartilage are still prone - break him at the seams and chuck his parts into space.

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Legacy Virus-coated Muramasa Blade. In Daken's claws. 'Nuff said.

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What about Baron Strucker's death-spores? Would those work on Wolverine? 

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Sentry throws him into the sun.
"I don't throw everyone in the Sun"

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1. Isn't drowning a Viable option?

2. Anything that includes nullifying his healing factor for a sufficient period of time for him to die from damage to vital organs. (Broad, kinda overlaps with your Leech plan)

3. Magneto taking Adamantium out of Wolvie. Then Decapitating him. (Kinda Overlaps with Cyke's plan)

4. Throwing him into the sun, a (deep) Lava pit etc... Until nothing but Bone remains...
5. Isn't it possible to kill him with a non-physical attack, eg Darkforce, Psychic.


Yeah... All I can think of...

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How bout give Thor the Odinforce and make him angry at Wolverine?

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Knock his ass out, take him to the middle of the ocean and throw him overboard, you don't even need weights with him. He'd sink to the ocean floor faster with out any kind of extra weight...I don't even know if I need any Marvel characters to do this, I think I could if I got lucky enough to shoot him in the head while he wasn't looking, or hit him with a anyone in Marvel with access to a plane or boat and the capability to knock Wolverine out.

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Would ripping his heart out  work or would his healing factor just grow  a new one???

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HYDROMAN. That's all. (Yes, Logan was swimming around in that stupid recent vampiristic X-Men story, but that was just a mess like any other modern MARVEL comics is. HE CAN'T SWIM. Go read Weapon X)

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Blade had a plan in which he turns Wolverine into a vampire, then stakes him. It's pretty hard to heal from that.

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O.K.  Let's give this a try. 
To kill Wolverine I would use two characters,  Hank Pym (Insert Super Hero Name here) and (Non-Cosmic) Nova.  Hank sneaks up in tiny mode and shrinks Wolverine down to as small as possible. This will catch him by surprise, plus he can fight all he wants, but would do little damage at his reduced size.  Then Nova flies in and scoops up the tiny Wolverine. Nova flies straight to the center of the Solar System and throws him into the Sun. I feel certain that this would kill him. But,  even if the Pym particles wear off and he lives he still will endlessly burn/regenerate/burn/regenerate.  And the gravitational field is so strong he is trapped forever.

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Have her phase under the ground he is standing on, grab his ankles and phase him into the ground. About 200 feet below the surface, let go.
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Wolverine may be some what hard to kill, but there is an Issue where Wolverine himself list multiple ways of killing him to Trace, when they were both kidnapped by the Orphanmaker and Nanny. Also there are many Universes where he's killed. Ultimate Magneto killed the Ultimate Wolverine all alone in the Ultimatum . So there are many ways to kill Wolverine.

For a Scenario i'd say: The Wolvie-Stopper would be Shadowcat. She could easily phase him far into the earth and then leave him there. The unphasing would probably kill him, if not he probably couldn't move and therefor can't get back up to the surface. She'd be able to get to him because she is a skilled fighter, a Ninja and when phased untouchable girl. Even if it hurt her to phase through Adamantium, i think she could do it.

Come to think of it, a Shadow cat killed Wolverine in a what if, where he was never freed from the Hand. Also another Shadowcat in the Exiles killed a Wolverine, though i don't think that one was as strong as the 616 wolverine and that Shadowcat was a trained killer.

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I always thought this was made far more complicated than it ever needed to be. Take Namor, have him drown Wolverine. He cannot magically wish the water out of his lungs and you can't heal when you're already dead. Drown him! It's that simple! Cells can still survive from fire...water is the way to go. Just find anyone who could hold him under for an hour...BAM. Problem solved.

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His writers can kill his series, does that count as the death of wolverine?

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yay for killing Wolverine!

I say we just melt his adamantium skeleton? i dont think that'd work. but my plan:
Let Thor smash him with mjolnir until there is no more Logan to heal
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1. Strong person (WWH/Thor/Sentry) rips him apart and hurls the bits into space.

2. Magneto encases him in metal before sending him to the bottom of the sea (preferably that trench thats 11km deep)

3. Reed Richards invents a force field projector thats aimed 2'' behind Logans forehead, or uses Sue for the same effect.

4. Stark uses an amped up version of the SPIN Tech on Logan and either shoots him or lets him die of adamantium poisoning. Alternatively have Elixir overload his healing factor.

5. Have Strange send him to the home dimension of some cosmic nasty and let them deal with him.

6. Have Charles/Emma/other powerful psychic make him forget to breathe.


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Even if Cyclops' plan had been executed, it likely would have failed, Wolverine has already survived having his Adamantium ripped out and decapitation. Magneto should just force the Adamantium into his cranial cavity. It would be easier and remove the possibility of Wolverine healing from the damage. It would also be effective for Magneto to simple fuse Wolverine's joints together, essentially creating a living Wolverine statue incapable of doing anything.

I also feel compelled to point out that Wolverine has swam dozens and dozens of times prior to Aaron's Weapon X. Hell he's even got trapped in a coral reef while fighting Tiger Shark under water, and theorized his healing factor would keep him alive indefinitely... just in a perpetual state of drowning that would be worse than death. Wolverine fans should know this. Marvel Comics Presents... read it.

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My way of killing him would be have Gambit just use his mutant ability to "charge" logans flesh and bones so the next thing that would touch him would cause every piece of him to explode and dissolve like the cards he throws.

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Hank Pym super charges some pyms particles and makes Logan continually shrink until he's nothing

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I hate the fact that wolverine is supposed to be like some super inmortal. OKAY he has a healing factor, that only makes it hard to kill him, and I hate how cyclops and other muties call him "the most dangerous mutant in the world", what about i dont know.. magneto? hellion? namor? just some examples of mutants far more powerfull than wolverine

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@Zghost said:
" My way of killing him would be have Gambit just use his mutant ability to "charge" logans flesh and bones so the next thing that would touch him would cause every piece of him to explode and dissolve like the cards he throws. "
Remember: Gambit can only charge inanimate objects. Not living tissue.... unless something has changed with his powers that I am unaware of.
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@inferiorego: so he could charge wolvie's skeleton and Boom
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Stan Lee blast him into the earths core with his EXCELSIOR RAY! 

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@joshmightbe said:
" @inferiorego: so he could charge wolvie's skeleton and Boom "
Wolverine's skeleton is Adamantium Beta, which is molecular fusion of Primary Adamantium and Bone, it is essentially a biological / organic metal.

That said, I believe Gambit lost that handicap in Legacy a year or so ago.
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@joshmightbe:  ....goes the dynamite

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