How is wolverine even still alive?

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In The recent movie thats releasing next month,The Wolverine.Its obvious he loses his healing abilities,but I don't understand how it would be possible for him to survive with an adamantium skeleton if he couldn't heal

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Its not out yet, let's wait until then before we start pointing out flaws in its logic.

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Don't forget the holes in his head from the bullets. I guess we were supposed to forget about those though.

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His healing factor is going to weakened, not completely taken away.

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If it's not in the comics it ain't worthing thinking about ....

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@flameboy298: according to what i heard he doesnt lose his healing factor its just been depowered so he basically goes back down to the level his powers were actually at back when the miniseries the movie was inspired by took place

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I've asked myself that very question, but try to reserve my judgement till after I've seen that movie. Maybe he gets his HF back before the adamantium poisioning starts to seriously affect him? I don't know, just wait and see...

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Its not out yet, let's wait until then before we start pointing out flaws in its logic.


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