Does Wolverine's mash up of powers and biography annoy you?

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Metal bones Healing factor Animal senses Claws Psychic resistance Pretty random. Civil War vet? World War II vet Samurai Canadian Secret Agent Okaaaaayyy. Basically they just added everything that they thought would sound cool but it's not coherent. Now dude's name isn't even "Logan"? He's genetically a wolf not an ape? By 2020 he might just be absorbing yellow sunlight or teleporting.

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#2 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (45774 posts) - - Show Bio

yea, it annoys the hell out of me

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#3 Posted by God_Spawn (41215 posts) - - Show Bio

Nope. None of it really bugs me at all.

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Thread is more like a I hate Wolverine thread, since you pretty much described who he his. The only part that kinda bugs me is the lupine shit they have been spinning.

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@god_spawn said:

Nope. None of it really bugs me at all.

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#6 Posted by EdBlank (1465 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't hate him per se, I admit that he looks cool. Back in the 90s his mystery was so compelling but the more they reveal the less I care.

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His powers and background make sense together: If you were a man of Wolverine's talents and abilities, along with the people after you that he's had after him, chances are you're not going to retire to being, oh, say... a lumberjack, or something. All those things make sense in him becoming with his long life. Why does he fight in wars? Because he's a very good killer, and a war is nothing but pitching a bunch of trained killers at one another to see whose left. Why a samurai? He sought redemption in bushido. Why a Secret Agent? Because of his super senses, he's excellent at tracking people, silencing witnesses, interrogating subjects; detecting lies, etc. Why does he have psychic resistance in addition to his other powers? A combination of his healing factor physically suppressing memories, sequencing them off from the rest of his mind, and Weapon X tampering with them so their weapon can't be subverted by an opposing force. Logan was always just something he called himself because he didn't know his real name.

It's completely coherent.

@EdBlank said:

He's genetically a wolf not an ape?

... Well, most of it.

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I do think there are many wolverines and it really depends on which wolverine is the writer's favorite when deciding if you like wolverine a lot:

  • anti-hero, loner-on-a-team wolverine
  • psycho wolverine who straight kills people
  • samurai/ninja wolverine
  • noir madripoor wolverine (sorry, "patch")
  • canadian wilderness "james howlett" wolverine
  • ex-secret agent wolverine
  • wild animal wolverine
  • remote control wild animal wolverine
  • mentor of lost children wolverine
  • etc.

I mean, it's all wolverine, but he can vary so wildly in personality book to book it really seems like a case of too many cooks spoiling the pot. Batman and Spider-Man don't have this problem.

So yes, it can be irksome but I think the character's frenetic personality/identity is part of what makes him him.

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Really you have to blame the writers. For the majority of his publication his backstory was shrouded in mystery even to himself. This allowed writers to just cram anything they felt was cool at the time into his past. Any other character and it would have been like "oh yeah, did I forget to mention I'm a trained samurai?", whilst for wolverine they were able to just play the forgotten past card. What really annoys me is how inconsistently hes written by different writers at the same time. For example, in Aaron's Wolverine he ended up killing about 6 of his kids, and this sent him off the deep end. So in the end of uncanny xforce would he really resort to killing his last surviving child, despite darkens actions? (note that these events were only 1-2yrs apart in real time, which in comics is probably only a couple of months apart!) Then you have him appearing in ASM 698(?) telling spiderman to kill doc ock in his sleep, well doesnt a samurai respect death and value a death won in battle, not a cold blooded execution in the middle of the night?

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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

yea, it annoys the hell out of me
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I have gotten used to it, but if Weapon X keeps getting changed I think I will be near my limit.

As for lupine evolution? I just straight out ignore. I just keep what makes sense in my mind and get rid of the rest.

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I really miss the days when Wolverine was just another member  of the X-Men.

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Comics dude

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@EdBlank: So Ed who is your favorite character or just one you really love?

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@hoarderofhilarity : I have to admit that Batman is the best character. I really love Iron Man. Best character with actual powers is prolly Peter Parker. My overall favorite super hero tale is the movie Chronicle. Kind of a round about answer.

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Ok well I suppose a billionaire, genius semi-insane, master of 127 martial arts, expert in every field, paranoid, best friend is a super powered alien is a very coherent character.

An ex-alcoholic, weapons designer, billionaire, genius best friends with a war hero and a god of thunder, who once got practically date raped by his own super powered suit of armour realy speaks directly to everyone as well.

Now the every man with dead spy parents, a super model girlfriend, a bunch of clones running around, also a genius, who got powers from a radioactive spider bite, once had a fight with his own costume and has been replaced by a guy called Dr Octopus truly a guy with a completely coherent past.

You see every superhero has a history full of weird goings on, odd choices, personality changes as they ad apt from writer to writer and with the times I don't think it's really fair to bring logan under scrutiny without looking at every character in comic books.

P.S. why in Chronicle did they kill the only cool guy? I mean the main character is a douche.

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