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Review: Wolverine #8

It's the conclusion to Wolverine goes to Hell. Enjoy all the cameos because you won't see these characters again for quite some time.

The Good

Wolverine isn't a funny book, but I actually laughed out loud a few times over two specific pages. Thanks, I needed that. Aside from that, this was a great conclusion to an interesting story. I love Acuna's work on this book, and while I know he gets a lot of guff because of his style, Acuna's art brings a new dimension to this book. Sure, it's not the same type of art you're used to, but it gives this book an identity.

As for Jason Aaron, I still think he's cat's pajamas as the writer for Wolverine. This book feels like it moves forward with each issue. We've technically gone through two story arcs: one with Wolverine in Hell, and the other with the X-Men trying to stop the demon inhabited body of Wolverine, and the transitions feel natural. Even the set-up for the next arc feels natural. There's nothing worse than a story that feels forced, a problem this book doesn't have.

The Bad

I know a lot of people aren't going to like Daniel Acuna on this book. His style does break from the traditional, and while it takes a little bit of time to get used to, his art is worth it and it works very well with this story. Give the guy a chance is all I'm saying.

The Verdict

The story is great, the writing is amazing, and the art is something new that you may come to love, what more could you ask for? While this book takes a bit of a humorous look into Wolverine's psyche, it still fits the tone of the book, and frankly, it kicks major butt. Even if you're not into Wolverine, you get a couple of cameos from dead characters you miss, and it's a fun read from start to finish.

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