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Lucky #13

I'll admit that I was slightly disappointed with last month's issue of Wolverine: Weapon X. This mostly came down to the fact that the issue was mostly narrated by a new(ish) character that I wasn't too keen on, and unlike the first issue of this arc, it didn't really have the self-reflective, almost parodic, writing style that I loved so much in issue #11. Having said that, I was pleasantly surprised with issue #13, to the point where I would actually go ahead and say it's the best issue of Weapon X so far.
The issue opens up with Old Man Spidey in the dystopian future where everything is owned by the Roxxon Energy Corporation. Things aren't going so well for Spidey here, and there's a big old fight with some Deathloks before we cut to present-day Spidey going about his nightly patrol, or whatever it is that he does. The transition from future to present is flawless, and Aaron did a good job choosing Spidey for these scenes. The dialogue is of the usual Spider-Man "wacky" type, but as much as that normally annoys me, I found it charming and funny in this case.
Later on, we get a cameo from the Avengers, and this is where Aaron's character work really shines. Despite the roster consisting of multiple diverse characters, Aaron manages to nail all of their voices perfectly.

 For the lack of having anything better to put here...
 For the lack of having anything better to put here...
There's a cute exchange throughout the encounter between the Thing and Spider-Man, which made me laugh. But then Aaron tops that by having Luke Cage ask Iron Fist if he knows what they're doing there, to which Iron Fist replies 'Not a clue. I'm just kicking people in the face until someone asks me to stop.' (possibly the comic book quote of the month). It's light-hearted and really, really enjoyable.
It's also really good that Aaron addressed the fact that the future in sci-fi and fantasy is pretty much always of a dystopian nature ('Whenever people come here from the future, it's always from a future that completely and totally sucks'.). It's something that I jokingly mentioned in one of my previous reviews, and it's nice when writers don't take themselves too seriously. This book is a welcome return to the self-aware and funny writing we saw in issue #11, and it pulls it off well despite having a pretty serious subject matter. And as I said before, the fact that it's basically a Terminator rip-off means that it's even more important for it to have solid writing, and indeed art. Speaking of which, I think Garney is really getting the feel of this series (which is mildly ironic considering that it will be ending soon). The action sequences are clear and engaging and he really keeps the momentum going throughout the issue.
This issue, we also get some insight into the creation of these particular Deathloks. It's a nice way to wrap up the issue and it leads to some great horror-comedy panels. Horror-comedy (i.e. when the scares are presented in a way that is funny, almost slapstick) is hard to do, so more praise for Aaron in that department. I'm not suggesting that this is a horror book, but the level of funny-gore is reminiscent of something like Evil Dead.
Conclusively, and I know I've said it a hundred times before, this book is probably the best X-book out there at the moment. The fact that it has a lousy subtitle is probably what is putting people off it right now, but that's going to be changing pretty soon. Issue #13 is a return to form for Aaron after last month's overly-derivative issue, it's funny and engaging, and Garney's art looks better than it's ever been.

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