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A greater threat is born 0

Wolverine Weapon X #13 Jason Aaron continues to write the best wolverine book since the original Origins story.   I’m typically not a fan of stories that involve time travel and alternate time lines but I believe he is handling this as well as Peter David did Layla Miller and Madrox over in X-Factor.   I wonder what Earth designate this future reality is and how it ties into the way that the Secret Avengers are dealing with Roxxon in their title.   I think it is interesting to see that AIM is g...

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Lucky #13 0

I'll admit that I was slightly disappointed with last month's issue of Wolverine: Weapon X. This mostly came down to the fact that the issue was mostly narrated by a new(ish) character that I wasn't too keen on, and unlike the first issue of this arc, it didn't really have the self-reflective, almost parodic, writing style that I loved so much in issue #11. Having said that, I was pleasantly surprised with issue #13, to the point where I would actually go ahead and say it's the best issue of W...

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