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Detective Wolverine

In this book, Wolverine is feeling burned-out from all of the hustle and bustle of life as an X-man. He decides to get away from the madness for a while and takes a trip to Atlantic City. He runs into an old friend and a boardwalk that reminds him of one of those hazily remembered, dark moments from his past. This book is " detective wolverine" in his purest form. He's the lost guy digging around in a past that no one wants him digging around in and that problem that kept us interested in him for so many years brings this story to the fun point. This is a very good one-shot. I dont say that often.
i found this highly refreshing since everyone seems to be forgetting that what made Wolverine such a fun character is that every now and then someone pops out of the woodworks of his past and reminds him that he was not always a nice guy. He was a spy and in some cases a cheat, a theif, a player, and even a murderer.
Tomm Coker is the name that prompted me to pick this book. I am highly biased when it comes to Tomm. I met Tomm when i was around fourteen, he was drawing a trial page for DC on the counter of a comic book store that his best friend at the time worked at. in the years following, not only would my burning love for comics and art be fanned into a roaring fire, he would become an artistic mentor to me and a good friend. this friendship causes me to carefully analyze his books in depth critically. 
Coker doesnt do a lot of comics, he likes to take his time with a book and really get the mood of an issue. He usually does the pencils the inks and (if possible) the covers to make sure that a comic book reader gets that feeling we used to get from an artist like Bill Sienkiewicz. The book is done and written in that fashion and Coker's artwork catches the story with scenes and not so much simple panels. With Wolverine: Under The Boardwalk we see whats more like a gritty detective story, showcasing those things that made wolverine a very popular character.

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