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After decades in isolation, Logan, the mutant known as Wolverine, finds himself back on the trail of his great nemesis-a clandestine government organization known as Weapon X. Wolverine's mutant healing ability has become his curse as well as a blessing. Traumatic events from his past are essentially erased from his mind as the healing factor removes them from his memory. Nevertheless, he is troubled by his fragmented recollections of Weapon X and spent a lifetime wondering about the men who abducted him and laced his skeleton with the unbreakable metal, Adamantium. His search for answers has stalled over the many decades of Logan's extended life, with all hope of confronting his abductors seeming to have evaporated-Until now! Because after all these years, Weapon X has returned!

Note this all takes place on Earth-4011.

Translated into Spanish.

Collected in Wolverine: The End

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