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With Yukio's help Wolverine locates the temple he saw in his vision. He notes that this particular temple has armed guards at the four corners of the building and that the outer wall is topped with large, razor sharp spikes. He waits for nightfall and dons his costume before infiltrating the temple.

Inside the temple he comes upon a group of monks (dressed differently from the group that attacked them at Ken's studio) who are praying below an alter that holds the body of one of the girls from his earlier vision. He jumps into the group and the monks take an offensive position. They identify the girl as Mana, a priestess who gave her soul to defeat an ancient evil, and themselves as the servants of Shosei, protectors of the body of Mana.

The monks plead with Logan to return the mark to them but are interrupted when a similar group of monks to those that killed Ken attack them. The group comes to fight quickly, and the invading monks quickly kill the servants of Shosei. Logan grabs the body of Mana to protect her, kills the remaining monks, and leaves with her body.

Later, Logan is cleaning up back at his room and decides that since the Mark belongs to Mana that he should give it back to her. When Logan puts the mark back around Mana's neck she awakens and warns him that by awakening her he has also released an ancient evil from the necklace.

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