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Wolverine: Orgins #50. The only thing i can say is that this issue is as good as the rest. Unfortunately that isnt saying much. From issue 1 Daniel Way has written of Wolverine's past and present and introduced his future his son Daken. Way's characterization of Wolverine is not only uneven but varies depending on whether he is in a scene with his son. Way's Wolverine is whiny sometimes weak and full of doubt. Wolverine has never been written this way in comics (possibly some fan fic but thats pretty much it) Daken could be an interesting chatacter, manipulative, crazy, bisexual(?), but in Way's hands he falls as flat as everyone else. This series had potential but ran out of gas in issue #2. 48 issues later the book limps to a pathetic hault. If someone had possibly consulted with Way on his characterizations maybe this book could have been better.  (Personally this book is the reason i stopped reading Marvel for 6 months but that is neither here nor there.) It took Brian Michael Bendis's book Dark Avengers for people to finally like or at the very least appreciate Daken for the manipulatitive bastard that he is. Marjorie Liu's assistance in Dark Wolverine helped Way's writing become for lack of a better word more in character. Had she co-created this book from the beginning one can only imagine what the end result could have been.
His storyline came to a head in issue #48 leaving two issues of dragging on pouty dialogue where Wolverine acts grossly out of character and reminisces on things that he could just have simply moved on from. So in issue 50 we have Wolverine pouting over how horribly he handled things especially with his lost son Daken. The issue ends with him *SPOLIER ALERT* looking out off a cliff. Had he ended his run with Daken and Wolvering coming to blows or an understanding or a tea party with the Hulk anything but Wolverine looking out over a cliff telling himself he is the best at what he is. If anything nice is to be said about that book it should be that Del'Ottos cover is amazing. 
Im not one of those fans who things heroes should be written as heroes or that they shouldnt have children but i am one of those fans who wants a well written story and heroes whos characterization flows evenly from book to book especially on a character such as Wolverine whom appears in at the very least eight to twleve titles a month.  

In conclusion the only good thing to be said about Wolverine: Orgins #50 is that it is the end of this dreadful series. Unfortunately it will be concluded in Daken: Dark Wolverine. One can hope that Way's storytelling improves by then.

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