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 Wolverine Origins #47

Daniel Way is moving to finish up the Wolverine Origins line as well as Dark Wolverine. The last part of this story happened in the Dark Wolverine title with Daken being stabbed through the chest with a sword. Everybody including Romulus thought was the Muramasa Blade, mystic sword forged from part of Wolverine’s soul… that nobody heals from. (I wonder why it isn’t pink like Illyana’s or Pixie’s?) I am a big fan of the coloring in this book. The art suits the story well, but the colors are amazing.

In this story we get to see some more of the behind the scenes manipulation that both Romulus and Wolverine have been using. This has turned into a big question mark as to what exactly is going on. Will Deadpool’s plan work out? I have to keep reading just to see exactly what it is. So far we know that a big part of the plan was feeding Romulus a bunch of misinformation, but it looks like there could be a double-double-cross…or two or three coming up. Who is going to be worthy to take over Romulus’ role in the Marvel universe? (His is a role that we didn’t exactly know anything about until two years ago anyway.)

3 out of 5 Snikts

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