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Review: Wolverine Origins #47

Cloak and Skaar join Wolverine's feud against Romulus and Dakan.
This issue was a definite improvement over the first part of "Reckoning" we saw in  Dark Wolverine (which felt especially padded). Conrad is just as good an artist as Stephen Segovia was in that issue, but his abilities are employed a lot better here. His storytelling talents have a lot more to work with, even in a simple scenes like Skaar and Romulus' dialogue around the campfire (that bizarre "upskirt" angle on Skaar notwithstanding). I especially like the reveal of Skaar in this issue, when he just erupts out of the back of a van, and the writing in the scene where Cloak calmly, but quickly, tries to calm Skaar down. Also,  the thematic parallels drawn been Skaar's relationship with the Hulk and Dakan's relationship with Wolverine give a bit more depth to this.

I don't know where Romulus first debuted or who created him, but he sticks out in this story like a blister on your palm. He looks a lot less ridiculous here than he did in the first part "Reckoning" but still comes off was a warmed-over copy of Sabretooth. Again, something you'd see in a bad 90s comic. I get what his name is a classical reference to, but it might as well be "Oedipus" considering how silly it sounds for a character like him to be named that. He also speaks in such general, vague threats that he comes off as a lame, poorly-defined villain from a low-budget syndicated sci-fi show, rather than a threatening supervillain.

Pun intended - - this part of the "Reckoning" storyline was a lot sharper than the first. Things got a lot more interesting here with the number of players entering the fray and the thematic issues they bring, even if they're squaring off one of the lamest villains in recent memory. Honestly, I'd say skip the latest issue of Dark Wolverine and go straight to this if you want to follow "Reckoning."

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