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    This is it! The moment you've been waiting for! Prepare yourselves for the most brutal battle in the history of comics as Wolverine returns- andunleashes a tidal wave of bloody revenge! It's Wolverine vs. the Hulk Gang to the death! Don't miss the flesh-rending final chapter to the greatest Wolverine story ever told by the peerless Mark Millar and Steve McNiven! Plus-you won't be able to tear yourself away from the gallery of covers, background material, behind-the-scenes extras, and all-new pinups that fill out this GIANT-SIZED SPECTACULAR!


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    Ouch, $5 for this? I suppose it's worth it... 0

    I bet you can't guess what happens in this issue!   If you guessed that Wolverine kills a f-ck ton of Hulk Hillbillies then you're right!  So obviously this issue didn't really deliver in the Story Department. But let's face it we weren't buying this issue for a surprise ending. We all bought this issue because we wanted to see Wolverine kill a lot of people. And he does. He kills a ton of people.  He kills a lot of people in a lot of awful ways. And he also tears a cow in half. I can't remember...

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    Great series, crappy ending 0

    The thing that I hate most about critics is when a movie, book, CD, etc. comes out that everyone loves but the critic hates. Said critic then writes a review that tears down that beloved piece bringing out it's flaws, which in turn ruins everyone's fun. This is the case with me and Giant Sized Old Man Logan #1. Judging by the number of stars given by everyone, it is pretty obvious that this was deeply liked by everyone that read it. That unfortunately is not the case for me, so now it's my job t...

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    A Fun Disapointment 0

    So the issue before this one was, in my opinion, absolutely amazing. I was looking forward to this issue forever and finaly it came. Sad to say it wasn't all I expected it to be. I loved all the action and the various clever ways of killing inbred hulks but that was all the writers seemed to bank on, and when Banner himself showed up, the moment I been anticipating for some really sweet action, it was short and disappointing...giggity. Anyways the dialogue was a little sketchy and the predictabl...

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