rocketraccoonthingy's Wolverine MAX #1 - Permanent Rage Chapter One review

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Wolverine Max #1 (Warning Some Spoilers)

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Rating: R

Writer: Jason Starr

Pencilers: Connor Willumsen and Roland Boschi

Colorist: Dan Brown

Editor: Jeanine Schaefer

Review by: RocketRaccoonThingy

Okay, before we start, I want to straight some things out. This series is Rated R. It has a lot of violence, language, nudity and sex. I know I wasn't supposed to read this series but what the hell?! I love Wolverine!

I was pretty ashamed of myself when I saw the nudies (there is a nudie on page 2 or 3). I should have seen it coming because, this is from the Max series. Series from Max are supposed to be for adults only. Now, it's not really the boobs or the sex that we're after here. It's the action!

I know Logan can be an extreme a** on this series but, he just lost his memory! He doesn't know his past. He forgot that he has a lot of identities (that's what he likes to do make a lot of identities up). He still manages to fall in love. Of course. Who can't fall in love with beautiful Japanese women or mysterious chicks who live in a trailer park (later in the series)? I'm not sure if I would but maybe...

I have to mention. The arts on this series is beautiful! It kinda messes up on the flashbacks but, the art on this series generally is beautiful. For those dudes who are all about art, you shouldn't miss this one.

Okay enough with those non-sense above (come on it wasn't really that non-sense). Basically, in this issue he's trying to find out who that Japanese chick was with him in the helicopter (she survived the crash but she was eaten by a shark. Sad right?!). Logan seems to notice that when he mentioned her name, some gang members (let's just say some dudes) acted up. What were they doing in the helicopter? Did Logan cause the helicopter to crash? I haven't read the issue four (or three) so I'm not sure yet.But anyways, I'd hate to spoil it for you guys so, read it. I absolutely recommend you to read it!!I don't care if you're 12 but READ IT!!!!


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