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The SOVIET SUPER SOLDIERS have kidnapped Kitty's flame Colossus, and she and Wolverine must brave the dangers of Russia's irradiated Forbidden Zone to save him!

Wolverine giving his always enjoyable "Wolverine Facts you can use" using a Reindeer hide to mask his signature as he sneaks up onto a group of men in hazmet suits. After he tackles an takes care of each of them he releases the caged animals they had on their truck. Finding the taste of lead all too much before he realizes why they had the animals Nuclear Fallout Protocol. He drives off saying they have Kitty and if anything happens to her he will never forgive himself.

2 Days earlier Wolverine walks into Kitty's room getting ready to yell at her for using his razor when he hears her crying. Asking her whats wrong she tells him she thinks she overheard Colossus having a conversation with another woman an is jealous that its his girlfriend an that she never had a chance to express her feelings. Wolverine still not actually caring about the problem at hand is asked to spy on him to which he replies "Yeah sure, there aint anything on tv tonight anyway."

As both Wolverine an Kitty follow Piotr Wolverine tells her that she needs to tell Piotr her feelings cause this kind of stuff is getting to his reputation. Soon Colossus stops at an airport an two people step out from the plane an speak in Russian. Colossus tells the woman they should not have contacted him, but the woman insists that they needed to meet an he had to come with them. A voice comes from the plane an soon the person blasts out from the plane that very person is Crimson Dynamo an he flies towards Wolverine an Kitty. Immediately attacking Wolverine with a blast Crimson has the upper hand an Kitty rushes to go make sure Colossus is alright. Colossus tries to tell his Russian friends that Kitty an Logan are friends but the woman Darkstar tells him their problem is a matter of life an death for their country and blasts Colossus knocking him unconscious while Vanguard lifts him an takes him into the plane telling the pilot to take off. Crimson mocking Wolverine is soon overpowered by Wolverine for a brief moment, As Wolverine fights with Dynamo Kitty phases through the plane only to be blasted by Vanguard knocking her unconcious. He an Darkstar marvel at her phasing abilities saying that they may have come for one savior and found two. As Wolverine an Dynamo's fight continues Logan notices the plane reving up an knows Kitty is still on the plane let alone Piotr. Taking his mind off the fight Dynamo is able to shock him an make his way back to the plane asking why they are also taking the girl but Darkstar tells him she is of use.

Reeling from the shock Wolverine gets on his bike an begins to chase the plane. He raises to catch up with the plane an leaps up onto the wheel but as he grabs the wheel the air bursts an he slams his head onto the underside of the wheel. Falling unconscious for a few moments he is now "in flight" and falling fast. Finally he makes contact slamming into rock after rock an falling limp onto the snow of Russia saying "Considering the amount of pain I'm in it will take 24 hours to completely heal....24 hours to payback time." Falling asleep he awakes 18 hours later saying "I still got it."


Finally at the nuclear plant he finds that its not like any plant he has seen. He begins to investigate as he contemplate this whole thing being his fault an that if he hadn't told Kitty to go after Piotr she would never be in this. A guard comes to investigate him only to get the tar beaten out of him. Soon he finds the others and another man in a hazmet suit. Dynamo talking to a man named Mikhail telling him how else were they going to be able to use her an get what they needed done. Soon Kitty comes up from where she was within the ground holding her breath. He screams out that she can only phase long as she can hold her breath, an begins running down to her telling her only a few more feet. Dynamo reaches down to her an cant get a hold of her she is still intangible then she...takes a breath. Becoming tangible she cant take it an her body goes limp her eyes still wide open Logan saying " I was suppose to keep you safe..." he lies her down closing her eyes her feet still in the ground and then begins to laugh saying one word "Four". Then as the four of the Russian mutants look at him his claws burst out an he looks up "Theres only four of you, I almost feel sorry for you." an he bursts forward at them roaring.

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