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Wolverine wants to watch hockey... If it were so simple! After a fiasco in the Danger Room, the girls fight over Colossus, and they smash the TV, so they have to face Wolverine in a real berseker rage!


It's the last night of a visit from Banshee and Moira MacTaggart and the X-Men are going out to a dinner and show. The seventh game of the Stanley Cup means that Logan is left home to babysit Siryn, Kitty, Amp, and Illyana. Before leaving, Colossus gives Siryn a note. Kitty wonders what's up since she has a crush on him.

The girls are bored and Siryn proposes they all check out the Danger Room. Kitty has reservations, but she casts them aside when she thinks of Siryn laughing about Kitty's immaturity with Colossus. Kitty opens the Danger Room and the ladies access the earliest program available: a Brotherhood of Evil Mutants simulation. Amp runs away with Illyana while Kitty and Siryn take on the robots. During the fight, Kitty asks about the note from Colossus. Siryn doesn't really answer, causing Kitty to stew even more in her rising jealousy. The fight ends when Illyana inadvertently opens a portal into the control room and hits the pause button. The girls leave the Danger while Logan continues watching his game.

The go to Kitty's room and play a game in which they tell secrets to each other. Kitty has to go first and she tells Amp about her fears concerning Siryn stealing Colossus from her. Amp tries to ease her mind by telling Kitty about a guy back at Muir that Siryn likes. Meanwhile, the robots un-pause and begin scanning the mansion for enemies to engage.

Illyana's turn in the closet has her trying to tell Kitty that she teleported through a wall. Kitty doesn't get it. The robots from the Danger Room have found Logan. Big mistake: they block the television. He dispatches the robots and returns to his "moral right as a Canadian."

Amp's turn in the closet reveals that she has a crush on a guy back on Muir Island named Dmitri. Siryn, however, bursts her bubble and reveals that she and Dmitri are fooling around. As a matter of fact, the cryptic note Colossus gave Siryn is a note to Dmitri in Russian. Amp is offended and tells Siryn that Kitty played a joke and had Colossus write a mean letter about Siryn instead. Then, using her emotion-boosting powers, turns Siryn onto Kitty. The ladies blast through a wall and crush Logan's television. Logan goes berserk and chases the girls around the house. Amp calms him down with her powers and then admits what she did. Logan has compassion on Amp and offers her some kind words.

When the X-Men return home, they find Logan cradling Amp on the sofa. Later, on the flight back to Muir, Amp and Siryn make up and Amp admits to forsaking Dmitri. She's got Logan on her mind.

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