Wolverine Demon

    Character » Wolverine Demon appears in 37 issues.

    A mysterious Demon that took over Wolverine's body while his soul is in Hell.

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    This demon was able to get Wolverine's body when a group a people whose lives were forever changed for the worse by Wolverine, kidnapped him and put his soul in Hell, while getting a demon to take control of Wolverine's body and was assigned to kill the people that Wolverine loves and holds dear. The first person Hellverine attacked was Wraith by covering his body with various kinds of insects, stabbing him, and burning down the church which Wraith was a pastor which still had people inside. The next thing Hellverine was that he went to Japan to attack Wolverine's former lover, Yukio and Wolverine's adopted daughter, Amiko Kobayashi. Even though Yukio became severely injured during the attack both were able to escape from the Demon. Recently, Hellverine dressed up in Wolverine's current costume and was able to get inside Utopia looking Wolverine's room. While searching the room, Kitty Pryde showed and started talking to Wolverine while not realizing that he is actually a demon and Hellverine attacked her. Colossus showed begging Wolverine to stop but the demon says that he is not the Wolverine he knows and starts attacking Colossus. After Hellverine defeated several members of the X-Men, Ghost Rider and Mystique kidnapped the demon to expel him from Wolverine's body for good. While Ghost Rider and Mystique were taking Hellverine to the church in order to expel the demon from Wolverine's body, the demon was able to attack and fatally wound Mystique. While telling Mystique that he is better than the old Wolverine, the second Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch) to the church where Hellstorm was preparing the exorcism. While the demon was telling its captors that they would all be punished for what they are doing, the old Wolverine came back traumatized and started to run away while the demon went back to Hell.

    However, it turns out that the demon was able to stay within Wolverine's body and both Wolverine and the demon started fighting for permanent control over the body. While this was going on the most of the X-men believed that it was best to have Wolverine killed in order to prevent many more deaths from happening. However, Emma Frost and others including Wolverine's current girlfriend believed it would be best if they helped Wolverine defeat the demon.

    As Wolverine was preparing to fight the demon within his mind, Emma Frost, Rogue, Melita Garner, Jubliee, etc came wearing samurai-like armor and weapons to help Wolverine in his fight. During the battle, it was evident that the demon was winning even with the numbers Wolverine gained. During this battle Cyclops, Doctor Nemesis, Fantomex and others tried to physically prevent the demon from destroy and killing anything again, but to no prevail. However, a holy figure of Nightcrawler appeared with Wolverine's vision of Jean Grey. her powers overwhelmed the demon and it was sent out of the body and forced back into Hell.

    Powers and Abilities

    Since this demon took over Wolverine's body he has all of the mutant's powers with higher senses, speed, agility, strength, and endurance. He also has Wolverine's adamantium claws and skeleton. He also has Wolverine's healing factor as well. Also since he is a demon, Hellverine has numerous demonic powers. These include fire breath, the possibility of flight, including others. The demon was has the ability to coat Wolverine's claws with an unnamed fire like energy. Also the demon has more endurance when going against powerful mutants such as Cyclops and even Magneto.


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