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With bloodsports banned in the UK, a group of overfed Brit Aristos have relocated to the Louisiana forests. Their aim? To pit themselves (aided only by a vast pack of slavering hounds and their own copious wealth) against a truly worthy foe: a single, terrified fox. Sadly for them, there’s more than one furry little critter in the woods tonight…Writer Simon Spurrier (GUTSVILLE, SILVER SURFER: IN THY NAME) and superstar artist Ben Oliver (ULTIMATE X-MEN, GHOST RIDER ANNUAL) present a brandy-swigging one-shot huntfest: 1-part ethical dilemma, 2-parts nationalistic cliché, 659 parts insane slice’n’dice-o-rama. Snikt! Also, includes a special back-up story written by Fear Agents' Rick Remender and Jerome Opena!

Story 1

  • Louisiana, the woods: Hunting dogs and a hunter on a vehicle are in search for their prey. Wolverine hides in the shadows, claws drawn. A flashback to two days earlier, New Orleans: Logan gets into a bar fight. A young man offers him a ride and takes Logan to a camp out of town. Logan isn't happy to stay in this hippie commune, but he accepts their welcome. They want him to aid in fighting English hunters, enjoying the sport of killing innocent foxes. Logan refuses.

  • Present: Wolverine is tracked by the dogs, but foils them and shows he's smarter. The night before: Logan is sick of the hippies talking about the hunters. Their leader says he'll change his mind in the next morning. The aristocrats prepare for the game as the hippies play nice and offer them food. One of the hunters use Logan to get on his horse and another insults his nationality. He's ready to help the hippies.

  • Present: The dogs find Wolverine and it's a brutal fight. He manages to escape their grip. The hunter finds him too, but his shots are missed. Eight hours earlier: Wolverine explains he's not against hunting for a reason – survival and food for example – but the aristocrats have no good excuse for killing the foxes. He ambushes the hunters and ruins their game. One of them sees Logan and is fascinated.

  • Present: Wolverine attacks his hunter, but the latter shoots poison darts at him – and hits a soft spot. Seven hours earlier: The plan goes on and Logan wears a fox disguise, scaring the aristocrats. It's enough to make them leave Louisiana. The hippies celebrate and the guy who brought Logan in gives him a "Moonshine drink". Logan leaves the place and go to find drinks.

  • Present: Wolverine is dizzy due to the sedative the hunter shot at him. He finds himself back in the hippie camp. Two hours earlier: Logan sits in a diner and drinks. One of the aristocrats introduces himself and says that he was looking for a real hunt, a man who is really ready for a fight. He confesses that he did a research on Wolverine and planned everything, starting from the brawl in the bar and the hippie offering him a ride. The same hippie who gave marked him with the "Moonshine."

  • Present: Wolverine pukes on the hippie who works for his hunter. The hunting dogs are in the camp too and they found the marked prey – the hippie. Ninety minutes ago: The aristocrat still tries to convince Logan to participate in the game, revealing his high-tech suit and hounds. When all fails, he threatens Logan with a tranquilizer gun.

  • Now: The dogs feast on the hippie as Wolverine sits on a tree and throws on them a Molotov bomb, burning the hounds. One hour ago: Logan is eventually convinced and agrees to play. He covers himself in the blood and smell of dead foxes left in the woods by the hunters, ready to play as the prey. Now: The hunter gets to the camp and finds his dead dogs. Wolverine jumps on him from above with drawn claws, ready for a fair fight.

Story 2

  • Bangkok, Thailand: Logan sits in the garden of a monastery, thinking about his dear ones who died because of the bad people he dealt with. He acknowledges his wrong side, the one that gets people killed. Now he tries to find a way to keep it caged.

  • A monk named Klahan thanks Logan for cleaning the place from drugs and prostitution, all without violence. Logan says that only violence will truly scare the criminals, but the monk accepts that no good can exist without evil.

  • A young woman runs after Logan and thanks him for what he did, but he gives credit to the monks. There is an immediate click between the two and the lady offers Logan a dinner at her place.

  • The woman, Dao, tells Logan that she was brought from Thailand and told she would work as a dancer, but made her a prostitute. She says no man would like to be with her after that, but Logan is not such a man. They kiss and go to bed, but Logan stops and says he can't do this because he is trying to become a better man. He leaves Dao's apartment.

  • Logan gets to the monastery as it rains. He senses that something bad happened: The criminals came back and massacred the monks. Klahan is the last one remained, barely alive and tortured by the villains. Logan is now ready to take care of them his way: Slashing and breaking bones. The last one was supposed to remain alive and take Logan to his boss, but his tattoo was enough to give him what he needed. Klahan dies in Logan's harms, disappointed that Logan gave in to his inner beast.

  • Dao is in her apartment, getting the news that her men were killed. Wolverine breaks into her house, representing Logan's dark side. He kills the crime boss and leaves the place with no remorse.



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Story Arcs

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3 Wolverine stories in one issue. 0

Review:   This one shot issue was ok for me because; One it was my first Wolverine issue, Two you get 3 stories including Woverine Ultimate Origins prveview, and Three...IT'S WOLVERINE DAMMIT. The first one is more of a hunter and hunted thing. I love the art design, Wolverine just looks so vicous with those glowing eyes. I like how they made everyone's accent incorporated in the dialouge, because Logan is in New Orlands and their accent is a bit awkward. The second story involves Logan in Thail...

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