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Another Top Notch Issue

Wow! what a pager turner!

Kid Omega gets his starring moment for at least the first half of this issue. It features excellent character development and showcases Quintin's point of view on the current commotions sweeping the school, which has made me at least think twice about the villain who kick-started the massive event that led to the X-Men Schism. Awe-inspiring writing, paired with some of the most captivating and lush artwork in currently running comics, each page is a feast for the eyes to behold . The art compliments the manic yet carefree nature of the book, enabling this issue to soar to even higher heights than its predecessors. (If that's even possible!)

Filled with several twists and turns, with the occasional moment that'll no doubt give the reader a laugh or two, the strong story laid down at the start of this series keeps on going steadily, featuring a few interesting surprises along the way, taking a rather shocking turn at the end with the appearance of a ghost from one of the X-Men's past (spoilerz ahoy!)

In truth, I can't see much wrong with this issue. Well worth picking up if you like the characters involved in the book!


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