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We can’t say much or we spoil the event of the summer!

Kitty Pryde on a date with…???

Kitty Pryde finds herself on a date with Colossus, but not the one she knows but the Phoenix Colossus. He explains to her what great things the Phoenix Five have done for the world before it's revealed that they have dinner in the middle of the ocean floor, with the tides being pushed away by Colossus' power.

In a flashback, Kitty tries to organize the school despite several teachers missing to fight in AvX conflict. Despite some chaos with the Bamfs, the school continues to run more or less. Then Colossus appears to invite her to dinner. At the same time, we see Iceman struggling a little with Emma Frost's insistence on capturing the Thing. He goes along with her and freezes Ben Grimm but isn't happy with it. He tries to talk to Cyclops but he is too busy sealing the San Andreas Fault to prevent earthquakes in California.

Back at their date, Kitty asks Colossus if they didn't go to far and are behaving like gods. They disagree on their intentions and when she wants to go back to the school, Colossus gets angry. He doesn't like the school and threatens Kitty to destroy it, so that she will choose him instead. The X-Men briefly try to fight him, but stand no chance. Colossus is about to destroy the school, when he notices that he tumbled the statue of Jean Grey. Showing regret, he leaves immediately.

After he's gone, Iceman, Warren and others appear and tell Kitty that they realized, they were on the wrong track and want to help get the school running again. Kitty tells him what to do. The last shot shows Colossus alone, contemplating his actions.

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