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Frankly, though they are just posing, art wise this is the best cover this series has seen, which is refreshing.  I wasn't too much of a fan of the previous ones.  They made all the characters look disproportionate.

The Good:  

It's pretty cool to see what Jubilee can do, and the dialogue in this series, including this issue, has been solid.  Immonen really knows these characters and all of their interactions come across naturally.  Even Rockslide and Frost are depicted well here, and that is always a good thing.  I was a little ambivalent about the art at first, but it's actually a definite plus on this issue, especially with how many things are actually in some of the panels, it still serves its purpose and doesn't come across as busy.

The Bad:

This is it?  Really?  I began to read entire mini-series with hopes of getting some sort of resolution.  I feel that we are still in the same position we were in before this four part story began.  It's really hard actually to pinpoint the actual significance of this series besides giving us more character development for Rockslide, some pretty art, and the introduction of a new villain.  Frankly, there isn't any besides maybe a closer look at what this curse really means for Jubilee.


I can't say that I'm altogether disappointed, but I was certainly expecting a whole lot more to come from this.  It's not so bad because it's only a four part miniseries, but it's one you'd want to collect as trade.  Regardless, not much has really changed in the lives of these characters, and that is the most unfortunate thing to come from this.


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