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    The online previews for this issue have been out for a while now, and I have to admit that they looked much better that those for issue #2.  
    The sinister vampire woman from issue #1 has Jubilee in her clutches, and wants something from Logan. Logan's not interested in playing games, but when he threatens to kill the woman Jubilee asks that he do the same to her, wearily stating that she is tired of relying on a treatment that makes her crash so hard she can barely move and can't defend herself, and insisting that she is really no different from any other vampire. Logan is shocked and absolutely refuses, telling her that she is nothing like the vampire holding her. The woman has placed another of those mysterious amulets from issue #1 around Jube's neck, and activates it, transporting Jubilee into what appears to be an interdimensional prison. Logan frantically attacks the woman, who tells him that if he kills her he won't know how to get Jube back. She tells him she needs a package retreived, a package that's in a place only he can get to.  
    Back at Utopia, Rockslide, Pixie and Armor are watching TV when Rockslide makes an interesting discovery of his own related to that mysterious amulet from issue #1. He returns to the place where the shipping container was located, the one where he and Logan found Jubilee amit dozens of dead bodies, only to find that the place has changed drastically. His inquiries about the container lead him to a confrontation with a sinister shapeshifter. 

    When Jube reaches the alternate-reality location where she is being held, she is very confused. Nothing about the place seems to make sense, and the further she goes the less sense it makes. Meanwhile, Logan is trying to make sense of the task he has been handed, and ventures into a very dark place to complete the task. Jubilee manages to make contact with him, but neither is able to give the other any tangible help. Logan can do nothing other than give her a pep talk, and Jubilee can offer him no solid clues as to where she is. When Logan finally locates the mysterious package and Jubilee reaches the boundaries of her netherworld prison simultaneously, the mystery only deepens for both the characters and the reader.
    I just got my copy of this issue to read today, and as expected from the previews it started out strong. The rest of the issue is quite good, but gets a bit confusing at points.  

    What I liked: 

    Wolverine's attitude toward Jubilee has warmed significantly from last issue, and has some of that old vibe to it (which I love to see). After telling her that he doesn't trust her in the last issue, he now seems to have faith in her, which is heartwarming. One particular funny comment he makes to the vampire woman hints that he has real respect for Jubilee's newfound powers. Jubilee, on the other hand, still seems to have little trust in herself.  
    The scene at Utopia between Rockslide, Pixie and Armor is very funny, and lightened the mood of what is otherwise a dark tale. Despite nearly being killed at her hands in issue #1, Pixie still thinks well of Jubilee, but Armor still has her doubts.  
    Phil Noto's artwork is still awesome, and well suited to the subject he's trying to convey. 

    What I didn't:

    Nimit Malavia's cover art is still not doing anything for me, but I do like the cover for this issue better than the last one. 

    The issue, while good, seemed a bit off-pace. This is the second-last issue in this miniseries, but instead of starting to tie up loose ends, writer Kathryn Immonen seems to have only deepened the mystery. Jubilee is thrust into a place that makes no sense, Logan embarks on a task that isn't really explained well to get her back, and Rockslide's strange confrontation seems out-of-place, but I'm hoping Immonen means for all this to be mysterious, and that she can put it all together in #4.

    With only one issue left in this miniseries, I'm really hoping Kathryn Immonen can tie it all together in a meaningful way.  
    In any case, I'm still loving this mini! 

    3.5 out of 5

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