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Not Bad.

A definite improvement over the last cover, but still not much better.  I do like the spectrum of reddish hues (we saw those colors too in the last cover), but I still prefer the first issue's cover over these latter two. 
The Good: 
The mystery behind this all is keeping me interested.  The art is equally stunning as it has been in previous issues.  The dialogue, especially Wolverine, is very believable (as in, it's pretty much dead on character), and I do like the fact that Rockslide is getting a little bit more "panel" in other people's series.  Lastly, the conversation between Wolverine and the accountant was very cool, mainly because of the reasons about Wolverine's characterization that I stated already; Immonen really gets how both of these characters personalities come into play in this series. 
The Bad: 
Unfortunately, that mystery also hurts it a little.  I'm interested to learn more about the amulets, but I'm still very much confused why they're there.  We get a little explanation, and I know that that's the point of the series; all things come to those who wait, but for being three issues in, I'm not really sure what the story is.  We've gotten small tidbits here and there, but I just feel that although it's understandable that the first issue of a series should setup the premise (maybe even the second issue), but that by the time you hit the third issue, the story should begin to move along.  We get a little bit of that here, but just not enough for my taste.
I think that if I was more patient, I would be enjoying this ride a whole lot more.  It's really not a bad issue, however, and so I'd definitely recommend it.  There's enough story to keep you interested, and we only have one more issue to find out how it'll all turn out in the end.  Can't wait! 

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