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    Cursed, Part 2

    Issue #2 of Wolverine & Jubilee, Curse of the Mutants Aftermath.
    The Good: Here we have, as the title says, Wolverine and Jubilee once again. Just alone on that, I decided to pick up this mini series. Seeing these two together really brings out something that we don't typically see in the characters when they're surrounded by other characters, and it is good. The writing is actually really solid and these last 2 issues have been so much better then I expected. I love seeing Logan and Jubilee interact and Immonen turns out some pretty amazing lines of dialogue in here (and yes, I am letting slide all of this about zombies and vampire). As for the artwork, I am loving it for the most part, however, the backgrounds seem to fall flat.
    The Bad: First off, I think the cover looks pretty bad. I wouldn't have known that that would have been Jubilee if it weren't for the earring. Also, as I mentioned before, backgrounds don't seem to have as much detail as the characters themselves. They look too plain.
    While I didn't necessarily have a problem with how this issue builds things up, I had no idea who the lady was that appeared in the last page. I still don't know actually.
    Half way in already, with two issues to go, and I am really loving this. I was happy to see Jubilee back again with Logan, and I was even happier to find that it is actually a good read. It's fun, entertaining, and funny at parts. I really hope to see a lot more of these two together in the future.

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