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The World knows him as Wolverine, but his true name is Logan - a mutant gifted with enhanced senses and a "healing factor" which protects his body from serious harm. One of the deadliest fights on Earth, he also possesses razor-sharp retractable claws

Logan was captured by the Weapon X project who surgically bonded adamantium, a near-indestructible metal alloy, to his skeleton. It has left him prone to bouts of feral rage... 
Deadpool is a reckless solider-of-fortune who only accepts jobs which pay well - or offer him a major challenger. He was diagnosed with inoperable cancer, but was offered a chance for survival by the Weapon X Project. The Project scientists implanted an artificial healing factor based on Wolverine's mutant ability. It saved him from cancer, but resulted in horrific scarring on most of his body. 

Deadpool has reached a moral crossroads in his life - will he become a hero, or remain a callous mercenary...?

Volume 1. Continues from Wolverine and Gambit #103, which was a continuation of Wolverine Unleashed #54. Continues in Wolverine and Deadpool volume 2.


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