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LOGAN DIES - PART ONE - First Published in Wolverine (vol 2) #57.

LOGAN DIES - PART TWO - First Published in Wolverine (vol 2) #58.

EIGHT TO SAVE THE UNIVERSE... - First Published in Cable & Deadpool #46


Wolverine locates a base belonging to the terrorists group Hydra, and plans to kill everyone inside it. Deadpool knows that his friend Weasel is at the base and attempts to stop Wolverine.

They discover that Weasel, now calling himself the PENETRAITOR, has become the leader of the Hydra faction.

Deadpool and Wolverine clash in a furious battle with Weasel’s life at stake. But then Weasel reveals his true plan: he teleports all the Hydra soldiers into a US prison. The fight ends. Weasel’s teleport technology malfunctions.

Deadpool and a Hydra agent called Bob are thrown back in time to World War II. They join forces with Captain America and Bucky and battle the Nazi scientist Arnim Zola. Deadpool and Bob are then pulled away from the 1940s in a flash of energy. In the present day.

Weasel struggles to retrieve Deadpool and Bob. He has been allowed access to the advanced technology of the Fantastic Four…


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