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Sabretooth makes an unwanted appearance! Wolverine and Ghost Rider face a supernatural threat when the ghost of Ogun returns. But why has Ogun’s spirit not been laid to rest?

Wolverine returning to back to NYC and heading toward the Xavier institute on his motorcycle is confronted by Ghost rider who waits for him at a fork in the road waiting for him to arrive. Ghost rider informs Wolverine that their is mystical energy in the air and can hear Wolverine's name being called by some unknown forces. Wolverine tells Ghost rider that he is not intrigued and to give him a reason to go with Ghost rider rather then go home. Ghost Rider utters a single word to Logan, "Ogun," which causes Wolverine to drive off with Ghost Rider to the source of the emanations.

Ghost rider and Wolverine arrive at the front doors of a Museum and enter only to find the guards dead or unconscious as they look for answers. Wolverine while looking around in the museum is reminded of the time he 1st met Ogun and moments of tutelage under Ogun, his master. while distracted both Ghost Rider and Wolverine hear a noise in the samurai section of the museum and discover armor missing. Wolverine notices the demon mask wore by his master in a display case and informs Ghost Rider he had destroyed it, Ghost rider explains that some mystical items of wizards cannot be so easily destroyed. once again they hear a noise and are drawn to it, Wolverine soon realizing that they are being purposely distracted heads back to the samurai section for the Demon Ogun Mask.

A portion of Ogun's spirit wearing samurai armor and the demon mask stands before wolverine and asks Wolverine if he remembers his past lessons while Ogun flashes his sword at Wolverine before tossing it in the air. Wolverine stands watching Ogun only to be drawin into an old memory remembering Ogun performing the same moves while teaching Wolverine.

Ogun stares at Wolverine and tells him to attack him that he is unharmed, Wolverine trying to recall just what happen after recovering from the memory realizes that Ogun had a sword.. Ghost Rider watching both men whips his chain stopping the sword from landing on Wolverine's head. Wolverine reaches up and catches the sword and walks toward Ogun having solved the riddle.

Ogun stands before Logan waiting for an answer as Logan calmly slashes between the mask cutting it even and answering the question his master had asked him long ago. Ogun's armor collapses on the floor empty, Wolverine standing over the mask and armor he states that this time it was the man, not the animal who won this day. The final lesson from a Master and a Student or possibly one final joke.

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