Wolverine #88

    Wolverine » Wolverine #88 - It's D-D-Deadpool Folks! released by Marvel on December 1, 1994.

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    Wolverine pays a visit to Kane only to be greeted by Deadpool! Logan gets an unexpected handful as he deals with the barbs and blows of the Mouthy Merc!


    Wolverine stops off in San Francisco to keep a promise to James Hudson, that is checking up on Garrison Kane. He notices things very awry, however, as the front door has been busted in. Wolverine enters with caution and finds Deadpool lying in wait. Deadpool is looking for information regarding his girlfriend's whereabouts. The two skirmish and land some pretty serious blows, but Deadpool's healing factor works a lot better than Wolverine's. As such, Deadpool walks away from the fight nearly whole while Wolverine collapses after taking two swords through the torso.

    At the Grand Guignol theater (in San Francisco, not the famous one in France), Kane and Copycat rehearse a macabre play. The director is fed up with Kane's stilted performance and storms out to get some coffee. Copycat lovingly tries to coach Kane, but the only passion he can muster is when he sees Deadpool enter the theater. The men begin to fight over Copycat's affections; Copycat joins the fray to defend her own honor..

    Meanwhile, Wolverine finds that his healing power seems to be getting a jump start from the wounds he sustained from his fight with Deadpool. The process is slow, but cuts are certainly beginning to mend. He sees a poster on the wall for the Grand Guignol with Copycat in the cast and assumes that Deadpool saw this clue as well. Wolverine stumbles outside and flags a taxi. On the way, the taxi somehow loses it's brakes. No bother - Wolverine simply busts the door off the cab and "skates" down the street to the theater. He barges in and sees that Deadpool has the upper hand; Copycat is pretty helpless on the floor and Kane is stuck between saving himself from being impaled by a sword or blasting away a sword headed towards Copycat. Kane saves himself. Fortunately, Wolverine is in a position to save Copycat. Deadpool sees that he is vastly outnumbered (with Wolverine clearly running with a fully powered healing factor to boot) and escapes in the wake of a grenade explosion.

    Wolverine crashes on Kane and Copycat's couch and then prepares to leave in the morning. Copycat takes Wolverine to the side and expresses concern over how Kane chose to save himself instead of her. Wolverine explains that had Kane saved Copycat then he would have been hurt badly by the sword coming at him, then he would be in no position to protect the already injured Copycat. Saving himself was the best chance Kane had to keep Copycat safe - it was just luck that Wolverine dropped in when he did. Wolverine leaves and Copycat gets lost in her own thoughts.



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    Deadpool in a Wolvie book; sounds like magic, right? If the magic is birthday magic for a five year old, as opposed to a David Copperfield. This issue had flashes of brilliance. Deadpool was sneaky in his fight with Wolverine. Wolverine had better lines (it is his book, after all). These would be the moments at the kid's party in which the magician does something that perks the adults' attention for a moment.But then bird falls out the guy's pants too early and we remember it's a second rate sho...

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