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A PHALANX COVENENT tie-in! Wolverine drops in to help Cyclops and Jean take on the Phalanx, but he may have bitten off more than he can chew this time! Plus - Cable makes startling discoveries about his past!

Jean Grey, Cyclops, Wolverine, and Cable all meet on Muir Island to discover a Phalanx contingent that is trying to co-opt Moira's research so that they can assimilate mutants into the Phalanx collective. Cable and Jean mount a psi-assault while Cyclops and Wolverine sneak in to the laboratory and extract the information the Phalanx seeks. The team then leaves Muir for Tibet where the main Phalanx collective is apparently hiding. Story concludes in Cable #16.


Cyclops and Jean Grey fly to Muir Island to give Professor Xavier information regarding the Legacy Virus when they are instead attacked by three members of the Phalanx, Larissa, Egon, and Nkotha. Their plane crashes and the two exit to attack the techno-aliens. Overhead, Wolverine jumps from another plane to join the fray but is caught up by one of the Phalanx entities. Cyclops blasts Wolverine free and Jean lowers him to the ground. The trio retreats as the Phalanx continues an assault on Moira MacTaggart's compound.

Catching their breath, the three try to catch up on recent events when a Phalanx attack comes from a nearby building. Cable body-slides in and the group fends off the attack. Due to Cyclops's and Jean's recent adventures in Cable's past, the three seem to now share a mental link that begins to put memories into Cable's head. He shakes off the odd thoughts and the group determines to launch a psi-attack on the Phalanx. Cable and Jean will attack in the Astral Plane to distract the three aliens and Cyclops and Wolverine will infiltrate the compound and extract the genetic information the Phalanx is looking for. Cable is warned that the mental fight will be difficult, which could make controlling his techno-organic virus difficult. Cable marvels that anyone knows about his condition.

Inside the compound, Larissa attempts to merge with the main body of the Phalanx and interrupts Lange and Hodge. The two are trying to dampen Psylocke's psi abilities and Lange's defenses are down. Larissa is ordered away, but not before she senses the trust about Lange: He is only partially absorbed into the Phalanx. The three Phalanx cannot alert the Phalanx collective because Jean and Cable begin their attack.

The fight goes well at first, but the Phalanx find a painful shared memory bank between Jean and Cable and begin to exploit it by having Cable shift his focus onto his adoptive mother, Redd (which was a time-displaced Jean, of which Cable is completely unaware). The mental strain begins to take a considerable toll on his physical body until Cable is completely knocked out of the psi-fight. Fortunately, Cyclops and Wolverine have succeeded in obtaining the information and triggering a self-destruct. They are being chased by one of the Phalanx when Cable decides to join the physical fight. He blasts the compound and it explodes.

In the distance, Wolverine hears Harry flying back to pick them up. Cable offers to stay behind and ward off the Phalanx so that the others can escape with the information, despite having no energy reserves left in his weapons. Wolverine comes back to distract the Phalanx and save Cable. The two are then picked up by Jean as the plane flies over them and the group flies off as the compound completely explodes. They chart a course for Tibet to take out the rest of the Phalanx.

Cable asks to be alone due to some mental anguish caused by some flashes of memory.



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