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The story begins with Wolverine hiking through on a giant floating glacier in the middle of a storm, the weather making him unable to regain his bearings. While lost he is reminded of the legend of the Yashida Honor Sword and how it was made from a meteorite that fell to earth centuries ago and hammered by a demon blacksmith, Masamune. The hammering and alien metal magnetized the sword which allows Logan to use it as a compass, Wolverine ties the sword to a rope and balances it on the wind to guide himself off the glacier. Wolverine is aware that he is being chased by Bloodscream and Cylla from the scents on the wind and leaves them a trail of wolf meat and bones for them to follow.

Bloodscream and Cylla exhausted from their grueling chase lasting weeks refuse to stop each having their reasons for wanting Wolverine dead. Upon discovering the food trail Cylla adepts to eat the small pickings for nourishment which Bloodscream denies her for his own reasons.

Wolverine finally having gotten off the Glacier finds himself near a small town going straight to the truck stop restaurant named Logan. Having eatin nothing but Wolf meat Wolverine orders hamburgers and notices his motorcycle had been brought to the restaurant due to the plates sharing the same name. Wolverine having paid for his meal heads to the parking lot and mounts his bike ready to leave his enemies behind.

Bloodscream and Cylla tired stand before him barring his exit, Cylla too tired to fight informs Bloodscream of her weakness and low battery charge. Bloodscream taking advantage of her weakness drains her blood turning her body into a husk and revitalizing himself to face Wolverine. Both ready to fight, Wolverine unsheathes his sword and charges at Bloodscream on his motorcycle both men clash as Wolverine rides past him he tail whips to see Bloodscream fallen over and in his human form dead.

Wolverine comments to Bloodscream's corpse, " why the shocked face? you didnt think you live forever...."

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