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Improvement, We See.

It's Jae Lee and June Chung, what can I say?  I really dig their art.  I just wish we'd get to see more of Lee's art in the interiors, as it doesn't do it justice when you have a great cover and not so good art otherwise. 
The Good: 
These demons are, quite frankly, not kidding around.  You could say that I'm actually enjoying this arc a hell of a lot better (no pun intended) than the last story arc, though this arc wouldn't be possible without the former.  Seeing the physical Logan, even with demonic assistance, take down two of the strongest X-Men in existence is a pretty cool feat.  I also like how this comic actually illustrates Wolverine as a very strong force to be reckoned with.  I'm sure everyone knows by now that you don't wish to be on the wrong side with Logan, and I like that Aaron thoroughly depicts Wolverine's prowess here, both "outside" and "inside" of Logan's mind. 
The Bad:  
As another reviewer pointed out, Jubilee out in the middle of day was either an obvious miss on the writer's and editor's behalf, or there is indeed more to the story that will take place in Wolverine & Jubilee that has now unfortunately been spoiled.  Secondly, the art in this current arc is still extremely weak and it's very distracting.  I would truly prefer to read this story with someone else doing pencils. 
The art still hurts the series, but we're still rewarded with very good story-telling.  I cannot wait to see how this will pan out next issue, particularly after the crazy cliffhanger left at the end of this comic.  Insane! 

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