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Wolverine, Sabretooth, Maverick, and John Wraith start destroying Ferro’s computers that are used to decode Wolverine’s DNA to get his attention.

Upstairs, Jubilee is talking to Professor X and Jean Grey but it’s just an illusion by Psi-Borg. Wolverine attempts to tear up Psi-Borg but he proves to be to powerful. Psi-Borg made Team X look for him because the Professor cheated him of his age suppression and with Team X, he would have all the DNA needed. Psi-Borg shows Wolverine the time he had with Silver Fox. The memory with her was real except for the bad memories. Sabretooth killing her was a false memory but was needed for the pain to make it seem real. Psi-Borg commands Sabretooth to kill Silver Fox, believing he is in the past (his false memory). Sabretooth kills Silver Fox.

Jubilee encounters a Shiva robot. Shiva is in search for Vole (Ferro/Psi-Borg). Jubilee knock the robot down into the basement. The Shiva robot attacks Psi-Borg. This lets Wolverine gut Sabretooth. Psi-Borg turns into the monster tree and gobbles up Sabretooth.

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